10 Tasty Vegan Christmas Delicacies

When the month of December comes, everyone gets excited and starts preparing for Christmas, it just lifts up the spirit. Everyone starts decorating and putting up fairy lights, which is a delightful sight, where you get to see the houses in neighbourhood decorated and the streets, malls, work place, etc. as well.

During this time, warm delicacies are prepared which is another best part of Christmas. Families and friends gather around to celebrate this amazing time with fervour and joy. Christmas is on December 25th, but the preparation starts way before that, as one has to decorate Christmas tree, get presents for all the loved ones, and prepare delicious food. Christmas is special for children the most, as they look forward to this time of the year always, waiting for Santa Clause to come, and get their presents. For all those who are vegan and can’t come up with several festive recipes, then read this post and make the best of Christmas season.

  1. Vegan Wreath

This can be baked with tofu, pine nuts, and spinach, where tofu is the main part of it and an alternative to meat. Garnish it with dill and cranberries.

  1. Stuffed Roasted Cauliflower

This is a healthy option during festive time, where your calories just boost up. So try this recipe by adding chestnuts and kale with cauliflower.


  1. Vegan Eggnog

Eggnog is a must on Christmas Day, but there is an alternate to this as well for all the vegans out there. Here you can add brandy, almond milk, apricots, dates, and cashews.

  1. Vegan Pie

Who doesn’t enjoy pie on Christmas? Make it vegan by adding celeriac, chard, sweet potato, and beetroot.

  1. Christmas Trifle

This is easy to make, that takes some time to set, but is worth the wait, and for this reason you can make it a day prior and just relax on the day of Christmas. You can use coconut milk, custard, and vegan jelly to make this amazing trifle.

  1. Pudding Ice Cream

Customize pudding ice-cream with some traditional flavours of Christmas, with tangerines, caster sugar, sultanas, dried cranberries, vegan chocolate chips and glace cherries, mixed peel, cinnamon, and vegan ice-cream preferably vanilla.

  1. Chickpea and Aubergine Bites

Everyone would enjoy having these bites with harissa yogurt. It is a healthy and tasty combination with cumin and garlic.

  1. Smashed Roasties

Potatoes are the best for starter or as a side dish, as with this one can prepare several types of dishes. These crispy and brown beauties are the best bites to serve on Christmas.

  1. Vegan Christmas Gravy

This recipe is super easy and would take only 40 minutes to prepare, and it requires several ingredients to intensify the flavours.

  1. Vegan Cake

A chocolate cake is perfect dessert to have for Christmas, which can be made vegan, by not adding any dairy products, wheat, nuts, and eggs.

These are the top 10 Christmas holiday recipes that are vegan and the best which you can give a try, as they are healthy and delicious.