1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Husband

Wedding anniversaries signify the bond of togetherness shared by the two married couples. With love, the matrimonial bond is tied. Celebrating their love through a grand ceremony is always a fine way to express how special they are for each another.

What makes the first wedding anniversary celebration so special?

With special gifts and boatloads of wishes, the day of marriage is celebrated every subsequent year on that very day that the husband and wife tied the knot with each other. But it is always the eve of the first wedding anniversary that is remembered by all. It after all marks the completion of the first year as a married couple.

Gifts to celebrate the eve of the first wedding anniversary

The first anniversary celebration is considered to be extra special. It marks the very first celebration of the day that the couple joined hands in matrimonial one-ness. Here are some special gifts that could be given to the husband on 1st wedding anniversary.

  • Fragrant-rich bouquets of flowers

The multiple color-filled petals and scent exuded by flowers is always enamoring. Presenting a collection of flowers together wrapped in a velvety soft bouquet is always special and apt.

  • Personally customized photo-frames

Photoframes relive some of the most special moments that you shared together. Inlaid with an image that you both had personally taken ‘once upon a time’ is always treasurable.

  • Beautiful ceramic cushions and mugs photo-printed

Mugs and cushions are the two objects that your husband always comes across first in the morning. What finer way to make his day special than by gifting him a mug with a photo of a special moment printed on it.

  • Soft and comfortable t-shirts

The softness and comfort of t-shirts can charm anyone. Whether it is a plain white t-shirt embedded with your husband’s photograph, or a branded coloured t-shirt which suits his casual closet, apparels in any form are bound to be a delight.

  • Delicious cakes and chocolates to sweeten the palate

The moist and sweet taste of cakes and chocolates are always something that tantalizes the palate. From chocolate cakes, to black forest cakes to butterscotch cakes, they are guaranteed to be a source of enthrallment for the taste buds.

  • Soft and fluffy animal plushies

Plushies made in the image of various animals are as soft as they are tantalizing. From a fuzzy yellow colored teddy bear, to a fluffy blue elephant, they are always cheerful to look at and be in the presence of.

  • Set of deodorant bottles

Cosmetic gift hampers comprising of a set of deodorant bottles manufactured by internationally renowned brands such as Hugo Boss or Calvin Klein, are always something that your husband will be happy to have.

Getting gifts for your husband

The online gift delivery service is always available to cater to the customer’s need. All the buyer has to do is select the gift that he or she wants, before having it delivered. All places in India are covered. Sobuy some anniversary gifts online for your husband today and celebrate your first wedding anniversary.