A little motivation to give you that little push that you lack about YouTube

youtube videos

If at this point you still have no key about YouTube, let me try to give a little motivation with the example of three people who are different from each other but people who have all found the formula to make a living more than good with YouTube. Visit this link for – download from youtube.

Isasaweis: the super woman

This case is already a classic. A computer girl who is unemployed and decides to make videos on various topics that she likes like makeup and cooking. Result: more than 62,000,000 reproductions to date and a contract for its own program on Antena3. Here I tell you this case in more detail.

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youtube videos

Willyrex: the video game genious

This is a guy who creates all kinds of content around the theme of video games. Recordings of videogame sequences, tricks, questions, and answers, etc. Result: Today, more than 260,000,000 reproductions. Only in advertising, you may have entered several hundred thousand euros.

German Garmendia: the laugh machine

 A Chilean comedian of only 22 years old recognized worldwide on the web for his videos that published every week on different topics, usually aspects of daily life, routines and behaviors that we have all done at some time. In his videos, he speaks without reservations and with a touch of humor, a formula that has been reported to date a whopping 421,481,680 reproductions. But the truly amazing thing is that its channel is operational since only a year and a half. Simply amazing. 

So, at the end

This moment in which we are going through one of the most complicated economic situations that have been remembered for many decades ironically is also a time when there are opportunities for “normal” people like never before.

Thanks to the Internet and new inventions 2.0 like YouTube your chances of professional success have to do more and more with your talent and your merits, and less with your sponsors, as I think you can see quite well in the previous examples.

Cheer up, be in a good or bad situation, give this a chance. The moment is now since I am not clear that what you can now achieve within a few years is still possible.