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The football is a greatest advantageous game, it improves our physical fitness and makes us active and healthier in youth foot ball team many obese kids are now maintaining idle weight because the football involves lots of running and chasing this will reduce the fat that kids gained from fried and fast foods.   The children who play football can learn discipline and they know how to overcome the obstacles they face in the game, a single player cannot be a king of the game everyone should do their assigned task and can get credit for their work. All should work for their team victory and should thing beneficial for their own team, thus in this method the football teach us about the team spirit and team work benefits. In every football coaching a fundamental is taught to the students and they are made to play each and every game, thus by playing people can get practiced day by day and can become a strong player. Football gives us both physical and mental development and they help is all forms of   life, the things that we learn from football will be implemented in every field of our life. despite of injuries we learn many things from the game, people who want to enjoy the same football experience in online can play agen judi bola , it is a online football betting game which is also known as game of chance. This game is built with additional features and excellent foot players which can be chosen by us.

Disadvantages of football

The only disadvantage in football is injuries, the major injury that can happen during the game is head damage or injury this will swell the region where we collide and it will bruise for several minutes. If players face such injuries should consult with doctor immediately before it was getting worse, the minor injuries should be washed and massaged with ice cubes or chilled water. Thus keeping first aid kit handy will save us from injuries and minor skin tear, people who want to experience real football field game just play agen judi online in online.