Benefits of Oracle ATG Training for E-business

The Oracle ATG is an e-Commerce business solution that automates and manages all the process of a business and makes your work a cakewalk. But for people outside of the IT profession, it may not be so easy to master this e-Commerce business solution.

For people who have heard the first time about Oracle Web Commerce, it is obvious they will find difficulties in handling this business tool.  So to understand how it works, Oracle ATG training is must for any businessperson.

The Oracle ATG online training will help them to understand how it and the applications related to it works. Plus you will be also provided with the basic insight into the features and uses of the Oracle ATG.

It is used by more than 50 Percent of Fortune 100 e-commerce companies across the India. The most popular of them are CVS, Dell, Coca-Cola, HP, Vodafone and BestBuy etc.

 Functionality of Oracle ATG Web Commerce features

 To know the functionality of the ATG Web Commerce features, it is important for us to understand the differences and relationships between Oracle ATG Commerce, Oracle ATG Commerce Suite, On-Demand Applications and ATG Platform. ATG WEB commerce is a complete package of ATG products for e-commerce and ATG Optimization Apps. 

 Some of the Functions of the Oracle ATG E-Commerce Business Solution are as follows:

  1. Scope of Customization

 Personalization is a very important feature of any e-commerce feature. It gathers info related to the website visitors and then the operator modifies the content, promotion, entire multi-channel marketing campaigns according to the interests shown by the visitor in the products and services of the businesses. It is equipped with tremendous capabilities, over 25 languages; misspelling correction ATG Faceted search makes it easy for visitors to locate the desired product.

  1. Track customer interests

You are able to set up notification emails and view system reports to track customer interests or create testing groups of site users just to assess the success of the marketing campaigns. And you then adjust the marketing strategy based on that info.

This way it becomes easy for you to understand your potential customers, their preferences and interests which in turn is bound to increase your sales. That is why Oracle ATG Training has become must for today’s employees.

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  1. Calculate the order’s price

 Most of your buyers abandon the shopping cart because of unclear pricing.  The OTG tools calculate the order’s price including taxes, coupons, gift cards, delivery options and discounts. You are told about these features of ATG during your Oracle ATG Online training course.

  1. Grant separate rights to specialists

 When you grant content rights to an unqualified person, it may result in errors and crashes. The solution to this problem is to grant separate rights to developers, managers, marketing specialists and other users to maximize the performance of your site.

  1. Integrate credit cards with PayPal

OTG enable you to integrate credit cards with PayPal, CyberCash, Google Checkout and much more. But the hosting company you will choose only can provide Google or PayPal Integration module.


 OTG tools improve the workflow management. Apart from managing a store an e-commerce business person has to manage a number of activities and lot of inside business processes.

If you have multiple websites it might be important for you to be able to manage all of them via a single instance. The easy navigation of its interface simplifies the process of website management and thus saves your time and reduces efforts.

 So you should definitely consider Oracle ATG Commerce online training for your employees. The Oracle ATG Online Training will definitely boost your business.