Bigg Boss Season 2 Tamil – Better Than Season 1?

Bigg boss Tamil has been quite sensational among all the regional variations of Bigg Boss TV reality show across the regional languages in India, as the participants include many famous personalities and celebrities as against common people in taking part as housemates in other versions. Because of this Bigg boss Tamil has attracted a huge fan following. The second season has 16 participants in total and the bigg boss 2 house has about 60 cameras to monitor the events, which is almost as double as those used in bigg boss 1.

Contestants Of Season 2

Movie actresses such as Yaashika Anand, Janani Iyer, Riythvika, Mumtaz, Aishwarya Dutta, television actress Mamathi Chari are part of the team Bigg boss 2 Tamil. Journalist and granddaughter of famous journalist Sa.Viswanathan (Saavi), Vaishnavi and playback singer and granddaughter of famous comedian NSK, Ramya NSK is also part of the show. Cine actors Ponnambalam, Mahat Raghavendra, Daniel Annie Pope, Sendrayan, and Shariq Hassan participate in the version 2 of the program along with famous voice trainer Ananth Vaidyanathan who is eldest participant of the show. TV personality and big screen supporting actor Dhadi Balaji and his wife Nithya, whose noisy divorce gained media attention, also take part in the program. Apart from these initial entrants, Tamil film actress Vijayalakshmi Agathiyan made a wild card entry on 67th day of the show.

Interesting Tasks And Evictions

The first week of the show started with all housemates giving feedback on each other and also three different tasks were given for the participants even though there was no eviction in week one. The first task was Feela Peela, in which housemates formed two teams, one team tells a story and other finds out the lies in the story told. Second task was named Ivar Yaar Endru Therigiradha, where one team tells a story and other team finds who wrote the story. Third task was Sonnapadi Kelu that has 8 teams of 2 members each and made to follow instructions from an envelope. These tasks were meant to familiarize the housemates with the working mode of the program. Week 2 had the task of determining whether women or men among the housemates have best management capacity. During the task, male team was made to act owners and female team as servants initially and this is reversed later on a one-to-one basis. The week ended with eviction of Mamathi Chaari. Week 3 task was Thanni La Kandam, when housemates formed two teams to stop the water flowing out of a tank with their hands alone. Ananth Vaidyanathan was evicted at the end of this week.

 Thittam Pottu Thirudara Kootam was the task of week 4 with three teams: thieves, police and citizens. The thieves have to be stopped by police and citizens and police can punish the thieves once they are caught. Nithya was evicted at the end of this week. Week 5 saw school time fun being the atmosphere for task themed Kanaa Kaanum Kaalangal. This week led to Ramya’s exit from the house. In week 6, the housemates formed two teams to win and rule over different areas of the big boss house under the name Enga Area Ulla Varadha. In this week, Vaishnavi was sent to secret room and four days later returned to the house and the week ended with no eviction. On week 7, Aishwarya was announced as the dictator of the bigg boss house, Rani Maharani and other house mates were told to obey her orders around. Shariq was evicted in this week.

 Yennaipol Oruvan was the theme of week 8 where two teams of housemates are formed and each member impersonated a housemate from other team. Ponnambalam made an exit at the end of this week. Week 9 saw Bommalattam as theme and two teams of housemates prepared toys out of raw materials provided and supervisor from each team judged the toys of other team. Vaishnavi was evicted at end of this week. Week 10 was about Uthama Villaingal with two groups: Super heroes and Super Villains. Task for super heroes is to save a dummy locked up in jail, overcoming the irritating super villains and preventing them from making bombs. The roles were reversed with two teams and Mahat made an exit after the week.

Bigg boss Kamal’s views

Actor Kamal Hassan who hosted the Bigg Boss 1 Tamil and continues with the second part marvelled how this takes his real personality closer to people and his views on the show. He had a word of caution that life is full of perspectives and enunciated it with a video of a man trying to save a child and on the way unintentionally pushes a woman down. He spoke further on the slogan of the season 2, ‘whose good? Who’s bad?’ and on watching the housemates to find the answer. Eventually, it all comes down to bigg boss tamil vote in determining the good and bad person in the end of the show and stay tuned to take part in voting.