Buying an Online Two Wheeler Insurance Do’s and Don’t

two wheeler insurance

What do you do when you purchase any stuff online? You do an intensive research on that product, go through the reviews, find the best deals, look for cheaper yet better alternatives, and then go ahead with your purchase. Similarly, have you ever considered what all you may have to keep in mind while you are planning to get your newly purchased two wheeler insurance through online sources? Well,let’s have a look.


  • Comprehensive Research: You can get aid from web aggregators like, or maybe a few other customers, but a thorough knowledge of terms and policies before you finalize on any insurance policy is mandatory. Make an extensive use of all the resources at your hand to get the perfect deal for your ride.
  • Comparison: The Internet provides you with a lot of comparing tools and websites wherein you can calculate the least possible expenses amongst various insurance policies. Do keep in mind cost cutting involves enabling hefty discounts and added benefits along with paying minimum premium.
  • Decide the Coverage: You need to determine whichever claims would be more frequent in your case, claims for any damage to a third party or your personal protection. Going for a third party insurance coverage ensures the former, while choosing a comprehensive coverage plan, though may cost you more, but would cover both the conditions at hand.
  • Add Smartly: Perhaps you want to invest on a vehicle whose price, as per your approximations, may depreciate eventually. In such cases, adding depreciating waivers and return to invoice policies may work in your favor. Moreover, if you happen to travel frequently with a co-passenger, cashing in on pillion riders insurance policies would suffice your needs.
  • Settle your Claims: If you have any previous claims pending, clear them all before investing on any new insurance policy. Keep in mind the claim settlement ratio every time before you visit an insurance firm. Understanding the total reimbursement based on your policy is mandatory, so that you may stay well prepared in case of any mishappenings.

 two wheeler insurance

The Don’ts:

  • Avoid being miser: The cheapest may not always be the best, and make sure it doesn’t stand to be the worst for you. Avoid going blindly behind discounts just to keep your expenses to the bare minimum.
  • Avoid Being A Liar: It’s all legal when it comes to getting a two wheeler insurance. Providing false information or forged documents may land you in trouble.
  • Avoid Huge Deductibles: If the rate of discount is higher than the rate of your premium at the end of every year, chances of paying a hefty amount at the time of claiming for reimbursements will be high.
  • Do not skip the Documents: Insurance policies are subject to critical risks. Thoroughly go through each and every document carefully before buying.
  • Avoid delays in claims: As soon as you come across any such incident that comes under your insurance coverage, get the necessary documents and make your claim as soon as possible.
  • Avoid falling prey: The internet comes with its own pitfalls when trying to dupe people. Avoid investing in false or fake firms just on the basis of information provided by any website. Do try to personally check for any physical presence of the insurance firm before you pay any amount.

Following the steps will not only save your time and money, but would also ensure you stay up to date in this tech savvy era where online purchase is the way to go, no matter if it is purchasing a vehicle or an insurance for it.