Candy Crush of Indians: How Mango Candies got it right!

Candies have been an inevitable part of the Indian society. People generally consume such candies after their meals. Hence, these act as a desert in simple Indian meals. What if these candies had health benefits too? These candies are one of the few candies which have immense health benefits. Owing to high amount of vitamins and nutrient content, mangoes are beneficial for children. A recent research depicts that this wonder fruit boosts the development of brain, immunity,and the eyes in kids. A small mango candy is a perfect blend of health and taste for kids. Following are few benefits of mango candies that have increased the sale of mango candies (both raw and ripe) exponentially.

Reservoir of nutrients

Rightly adjudged as ‘King of fruits’, mango contains all kinds of essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Being delightful to the taste buds, they serve as a good food source for both kids and adults alike. Two or three mango candies made of natural mango extract can give you few calories of immense joy.

Mango Candy

Therapeutic power

This gastronomically delightful fruit has the capability to fight many incurable disease. Since decades, each part of the mango tree has been used to prepare medicines. Apart from possessing therapeutic powers, mangoes also enhance immunity and strength.  In summers, mango candies can refresh your mind and body in numerous ways.

In various manifestations

Abundant in Vitamin A and rich source of dietary fibres, mangoes act as a perfect food source for kids. One may try the mango candy to get a gist of mango flavor. Apart frommango candies, the fruit comes in various manifestations such as juices, slices etc. Mango desserts, Mango candies,can completely quench your thirst on a hot day. One can use mango candies as desserts after the meal.

Mango for the entire family

Mangoes are good for thestomach, heart, the eyes, and for general health. A study indicates that a mango every day decreases body fat and sugar. This fruit enhances immunity exponentially. So, mango is beneficial for an infant, a middle-aged person, and old people alike.

Helpfulin Diabetes

Mango normalizes the level of insulin in blood. The traditional Indian households used to boil raw mango in water, soaked it overnight and then consumed the filtrate in the morning. It is due to its balancing effect of insulin in human blood. It has enormously low glycemic index(41-60) and hence it will not increase your sugar level at all.

Helps in combating heat stroke

Ayurveda says that people get exhausted during transitional weather because the increased heat or humidity in air increases the metabolism of the body which burns up all your stored fats and carbohydrates. Mango, thus, reduces the rapid metabolism and hence helps in combating heat stroke.

Increases brain health

Abundance of vitamin B6 in mangoesthat is essential to improve the brain’s health makes it an ideal fruit that promotes brain health. With mango candies as a part of your diet, you can be assured of effective nerve functioning and healthy brains. In this way, you can also put at bay medicinal supplements that cause a lot of side effects.

Boosts Immunity

As mentioned before, mango is a rich reservoir of beta-carotene which is a potent carotenoid. This compound enhances the growth of immune system and makes it resistant to toxins and bacteria. The excess of this compound is simplified into vitamin A with the help of enzymes. This vitamin is yet another antioxidant that stops the growth of free radicals in the body and hence is a powerful anti-aging agent.

Thus, mango candies are a great choice to add to your regular diet.