Chevrolet and Fuel Economy

With the ever-decreasing source of energy in this world, many a time the automakers are held responsible for the level of pollution in the atmosphere created by the harmful emissions from their vehicles as well as consuming so much fuel. Realizing the gravity of the current situation, leading automakers are doing their best to mitigate the curse of vehicle emissions by introducing several technological solutions to both these issues.

As learned from the Swansboro Chevrolet dealership, Chevrolet has introduced several models that claim an EPA-estimated 30 MPG on the highway and some of them do even better. The motif behind the engineering of these latest models is that fuel doesn’t get wasted under any circumstance. They have equipped the models with start and stop technology, while a lengthy lineup of electric and diesel vehicle options is made available to choose from that cuts down the consumption of fuel to a minimal level.

So, here goes the initiatives taken by Chevrolet in the mission of Fuel Economy.

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

To run that extra mile with the existing stock of fuel, a variety of electric and hybrid vehicle options are launched by Chevrolet. Whether you take the new all-electric Bolt EV that runs 200 miles per charge, or its hybrid version that gets up to 420 miles with a full charge and a full tank of gas, the trial can be appreciated as effective.

Small Cars

Chevrolet understood and realized the fact, that not every car has to haul too many people. Today, families are going nuclear, and in most cases, a car is occupied by one or two persons. For that, they have introduced the compact combination of cars that run with the efficiency and power that can get the best possible mileage estimated by the EPA, something like 38 mpg in the highway. These cars, like the Chevrolet Sonic or Spark, run on a fuel-efficient 1.4L turbocharged engine, that needs fewer stops for gas refills and emits lesser carbon.

Sedan and Hatchbacks

Chevrolet proved it time and again that a stylish sedan or hatchback decorating all the Chevrolet Dealership showrooms doesn’t need to guzzle too much of fuel to provide the desired comfort. They can be equally good in fuel efficiency as they are, with their looks. Vehicles like the 2017 Malibu is such a sedan that offers 36 MPG on the highways as per the EPA-estimation because of its turbocharged 1.5L ECOTEC engine that is built up with fuel-saving features like Direct Injection, stop/start technology and Variable Valve Timing. Irrespective of which Chevrolet car you choose, it would come with exceptional fuel efficiency, ensured by the latest innovative technologies.


Both crossovers and crossover SUVs from Chevrolet are way practical and fuel-efficient. In most of them, you get a standard 1.4L turbocharged ECOTEC engine to be at work, like the 2017 Trax and these crossovers are expert in achieving great EPA-estimated mileage. You can start counting from 33 mpg on the highways, and the count will raise higher with their latest versions as you climb higher the trim. The Chevrolet Crossovers are equipped with an Eco button that maximize the MPG whenever they roll on the roads.