Chronic Pain: Ways to Get Relief

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain affects millions of people all over the world. It can stem from various reasons like arthritis, side effects from surgery and more. Those who suffer from these conditions don’t ask why it is happening, though. They just seek some relief from it. This is where pain killers often come in.

The trouble with most pain killers in the market nowadays is that they are based on opioids, which are very effective. Fortunately, those who want to get relief from pain but don’t want the risk of adverse effects have several alternatives available to them. Here are some of those choices.

Physical Therapy

A lot of pain in the elderly comes from muscles not being as strong as they were. Those who have suffered accidents also report experiencing pain from atrophied muscles that have not been used for some time. This is where physical therapy can be a big help.

This teaches sufferers a set of exercises that will greatly help improve the strength and mobility of the muscles involved. Regular exercise is often combined with this to further strengthen the patient. Low-impact exercises like walking, cycling and swimming can also greatly help.

Medical Marijuana

A more radical way to treat pain is by the regular use of medical marijuana. This has long been used by cancer patients in some states. You can go to a medical dispensary here in Tulsa or in other locations and get some without any trouble if you have a license.

Physical Therapy

Some states actually allow for the purchase of medical marijuana without any license at all. With it, you can pick and choose a strain that has the effect that you want. Most users utilize these for pain relief when the pain is heaviest. The CBD and THC found in marijuana help in dealing with the pain.

Though most of the time it is smoked in its leaf forms, you can also use it like wax or oil to get the CBD benefits of helping with pain.

Yoga and Meditation

Some people think pain is all in the mind. This is where yoga and meditation can help. Mindfulness meditation helps by allowing you to exert more control over your body. Severe pain comes from your body’s “fight or flight” response, which makes the pain even worse.

With meditation, you can calm yourself a bit and detach yourself from the pain so that the pain is greatly lessened. Yoga has similar effects but it combines this with stretching and gentle movements to help your body deal with the pain.

Yoga also builds up the strength in your muscles so that less pain is experienced.


If you’ve ever experienced a deep-tissue massage, you know then how incredibly relaxing they can be. A good massage therapist can reduce the tension in your muscles so that you feel less pain. They can also reach the tense portions of your muscles so that they can be relaxed, hopefully releasing the cause of your pain.

Pain is nature’s way of telling you something is wrong. However, there is such a thing as too much pain. With the above methods, you should be able get some pain relief. Everyone deserves to get some without needing to worry whether the method they are using is addictive or not.