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montessori sensitive periods

The Montessori method of education which is developed by Maria Montessori and it is the child centered educational approach based on the scientific observations of the children. It attempts to develop children socially, physically, cognitively and emotionally. Fundamentally Montessori education is model of the human development and it has two basic principles. First one is children and developing adults engage in the psychological self construction by means of the interaction with environments. Montessori education is model of the human development and you can get information in online like montessori sensitive periods which are beneficial to you.

Detailed information about Montessori senmontessori sensitive periodssitive periods 

Montessori is preschool kindergarten classes, enrichment program and extracurricular activities. They are offering specific classes to their clients such as enrichment classes, lunch bunch, prep class. Montessori preschool class three to six year olds, before and after school care. Montessori sensitive period might refer to the period of time while child interests could be focused on developing specific knowledge or skill area. In order to support this sensitive period, you might prepare your environment by allowing your kid to crawl and encourage walking without or with assistance. In order to prepare your environment to this sensitive period, you must to need to speak for child in clear language. This kind of the sensitive period might begin when kid learns alphabet. The sensitive period could be characterized by kid’s fascination with the sensorial experiences like sound, smell, taste and touch. These experiences can provide kid with the system to classify objects within the environment.

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The sensitive period is desire for repetition and consistency. Children experience sensitive period to learn pitch, melody, rhythm and so on. Basically music might develop brain which is leading to the social, emotional and academic growth. At this age, children might learn that they are part of the group and develop intense interest in the social relationships. Courtesy and manner could be modeled by adults which mean parent must be using manners with kids and other adults. You can provide your child with the huge opportunities in order to explore and observe their environment by using their senses.