Exploring Singapore with Per Day City Pack Trip to Singapore

Singapore is a country that is two-third of New York City in the aspect of the size. Singapore is an array of world’s best shopping, entertainment, and dining options. Because of the super-efficient transport system in Singapore, it is possible to visit the top sights and neighbourhood area in just a day. If you have so many busy schedules but you really wish to dive into the Lion city, then you don’t need to worry as you can explore the best of Singapore in one day as well. Though Malay is the official language of Singapore, because of the multi-cultural people, people often speak in English in Singapore. If you are planning to book the Per Day City Pack trip to Singapore, then this guide would surely help to discover Singapore in just one day.

How to explore Singapore with Per Day City Pack Trip to Singapore:    

  1. Morning:

If you wish to have breakfast in ever trendy Tiong Bahru, you need to get up early in the morning and grab a seat on the second floor of Tiong Bahru Food Centre. The famous breakfast of Tiong Bahru is a dash of white pepper and soy sauce over eggs and a spread of Coconut Egg Jam (Kaya) on the bread toast, with an authentic Kopi (Coffee). If you are fond of the western food, then you should rush to the Forty Hands that offers you the “big boy breakfast” and legendary coffee.

Once you fuel yourself, go to explore the wet markets where you can find shops “Aunties” and “Uncles” that sell an eye-popping collection of meats, Singapore orchids, and tropical fruits. Jump to the amazing metro of Singapore to Gardens by the Bay which is the centre of attraction of the beautiful Singapore. You would get a chance to experience the culture and history of Singapore outside the Heritage Garden.

  1. Afternoon:

To have a quick look on the vibrant history of Singapore, you need to stop by the National Museum. If you kids along with you, they would love the Mint Toy Museum nearby the National Museum. If you are feeling peckish, again take a short metro ride to Little India and pamper your tongue with a delectable food. If you like visiting religious places then make sure to visit Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple that gives a quick look of Hindu rituals. Also, ensure to stop by Keepers where you can find surely something Singaporean. During your Per Day City Pack Trip to Singapore, make you that you may need GPS if you get an entry into the shopping jumble of ION Orchard.

  1. Evening:

During Evening, you can rush to the bar on the rooftop for watching skyline lightening of Singapore. To get the best view, you can rest on the balcony at Ku De Ta. This lightening show is the largest light and water show in the Southeast Asia.

If you are still feeling energetic, then you can head to the Chinatown nightlife hub where you can join a mass of people and enjoy an array of craft beers, extensive wine, and cocktail concoctions.

If you feel that you don’t have more time to spend in Singapore, you can simply book your Per Day City Pack Trip and explore it to the best.