Exterior Options in 2018Mazda 6 and 2018 Honda Accord

In 2018 two leading auto makers, Mazda and Honda launched their flagship Sedan models that share many common features, rating and to some extent the goodwill of car buyers. For the brands, that led to tougher competition, while for the buyers it created confusion, which is better and why. The comparison needs to go in-depth to help buyers choose one, and that demands each aspect to be given its due importance with bringing all the requisite details on the discussion table. Here we are starting with the Exterior, making the 2018 Mazda6 vs 2018 Honda Accord Comparison go in detail.

The Look and Feel

The look and feel of both the Honda Accord and Mazda 6 have their own sets of angles to attract their respective customers. But certainly their difference in the appearance makes it easier for the buyers to fall into two separate groups while I stand in the queue of Mazda lovers.

To look at what catches the eye of the Honda Accord is the swooping roofline with nicely sculpted sides.The graceful arcing character line up on the top with one bolder line running below. The nose is a big one that might disappoint few while the insect-eye headlights make few go for it. On the other hand the 2018 Mazda6 with a few updates look stunning. The new grille, the prominent and classyhead and taillights add to the dignity and its timely updates usurps the younger generation in addition to the senior ones.

If Size Matters

The Length of 2018 Mazda 6 is 192.7 inches while the Honda Accord is 192.2 inches long. The Width of Mazda 6 is 72.4 in which is a bit lesser than the 73.3 inches Honda Accord. Both the Sedans are of same Height, measuring 57.1 inches and even the Wheelbase go parallel in both with 111.4 inches.

Exterior Options of 2018 Honda Accord

This Grand Touring Reserve Sedan FWD has a plethora of color options namely, Blue Reflex Mica, Deep Crystal Blue, Jet Black Mica, Machine Grey Metallic, Snowflake White Pearl Mica, Sonic Silver Metallic, Soul Red Crystal Metallic and Titanium Flash Mica.

Mazda is offering another additional Package with a special color option of Soul Red Crystal Metallic to choose without a paint charge.

This 1.5T EX FWDSedan too has a lengthy list of color options. They are Champagne Frost Pearl, Crystal Black Pearl, Kona Coffee Metallic, Lunar Silver Metallic, Modern Steel Metallic, Obsidian Blue Pearl, Platinum White Pearl and Radiant Red Metallic.

Making the Choice

From the above listed color options offered by both the brands, we can make a clear 2018 Honda Accord vs 2018 Mazda6 Comparison from which we can assimilate that Mazda leans more towards sobriety that gets displayed with the light and off-color options, while Honda goes more towards offering vibrant colors. The size of both the Sedans have marginal difference, which we have already discussed above. As it is always a matter of personal choice, the best advice for making a choice is giving your loved ones a scope to choose, while you too make your statement clear to them.