Facts Commonly Asked About Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery has started getting famous in India due to its modern procedure of treatment. It is considered beneficial for a faster recovery from prolonged knee pain. Knee replacement is done with the help of 3D printers right now and many people are using the facility to help them deal with that much pain. Different people have their personal medical history and accordingly post-surgery care and medication differs. This is the reason why people should consult well being going through surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions About Knee Replacement

Doctors are asked some questions about knee replacement surgery of which there are some common ones as given below:

What is the recovery time and how long is it needed to stay in the hospital?

The recovery procedure along with medication may take a month of a few days more. It depends on the intensity of surgery. The recovery time of such surgery is dependent on the person and their lifestyle as well. A diet plan and lifestyle prescribed by a doctor when followed, the recovery time is sure to get lower. A stay time of a week in the hospital is enough for knee surgery. Rest of the recovery can be done at home so that it is easier to deal with the problems.

Can both knee replacement be done together?

In case a person who requires knee replacement is young and can sustain that amount of pain after surgery, the dual knee replacement can be done during a single surgery, but if a person suffers from health issues and are considerably older, they may face difficulties in coming up. So for them, doctors perform surgery twice, where the second one is done after recovery of the first.

Can a diabetic person go through knee transplant surgery?

At present many people all around the world suffer from diabetes. So it is a common thing found among patients. In that case, a diabetologist work with the surgeon to offer medication to patients before and after surgery. Rest of the process remains the same. This the way in which patients can constantly deal with their medical history of surgery.

When can the person start working and till what time support is required for walking?

A person can start working after about 6 weeks of continued medication and exercises. That can help them come around healing from surgery. The use of cane or crutches needs to be continued till the pain is relieved. It varies from person to person and in older people it is prescribed to use that support for a longer period to avoid pain.

Most common questions about lifestyle after a knee transplant surgery are answered by expert doctors who have treated many patients with these issues. Certain hospitals offer best knee replacement in India with the help of expert surgeon undertaking every case perfectly.


If a person can understand the simplicity of recovery procedure, they can easily go for the surgical process. It offers an instant relief to knee pain and bone problems around the knee joint.