Finding The Best Canadian Immigration Consultant In India

If there is any country that can boast of having a huge Indian base away from the country, it has to be Canada. A huge community of Indians have established themselves there and Punjabi has almost become the second (unofficially) language of the country. If you are planning to move to Canada, ensure that you have put significant planning behind it. It is often a good thing to hire the services of a consultant who can help you overcome obstacles and arrange your papers accordingly. Canada is an excellent international destination and opted for by many on an annual basis.

Canadian immigration:

The immigration policy of Canada works on a quality pool basis. This means that skill based immigration is given preference by the government. This allows the government to have a list of qualified and talented individuals to choose from. That way, the country too stands to benefit from the immigration of a foreign national. The best immigration consultant in India will advise you to follow the following steps:

  • Language proficiency: Clear an internationally recognized test of language proficiency. Before appearing, ensure that the agency is given recognition in Canada. You must appear for and clear the test before you file your application. You must have the result printed and ready to present at the time of the interview.
  • Skills and qualifications: All your certificates and on job training qualifications should be authenticated by a recognized authority. You will be asked to submit them at time of interview for assessment. This way, the immigration authority ensures that they have a pool of quality to choose from.
  • Filing the application: You must bear the cost of your application. No one will provide you with the financial assistance to complete this process. At the time of interview if any of your papers are found to be amiss or not in order, the officials would not be able to help you either. The consultant will conduct a mock interview to prepare you for it.
  • Ticking the right boxes: You need to tread carefully through the entire process because if your application gets rejected, you will have to go through the entire process again after clearing a temporary waiting period. As the number of applications are too many, the whole process takes anywhere between 6 to 9 months. Even after arranging for everything beforehand, you need to have patience to wait for each step to clear.

The country and its people:

After you land in the country, you are expected to remain as a lawful and moral citizen of the country. If the reason for which you have sought immigration proves to be false, you will be immediately deported from the country and banned from applying again. The best Canadian immigration consultant in India will help you sail through the borders effectively. Putting into a little money for ensuring that you come through on every parameter is a little investment that you can put into for ensuring a safe future.