Five Surprising Reasons to miss your flight! Avoid them

Missing a flight may wreck your entire vacation. While flight delays are unavoidable, here is the list of common mistakes made by travellers that cause them to miss the flight and ruin the vacation.

Longer check-in lines? Horrible traffic jams? There are a plenty of things that could go wrong and cause you to miss your flight.

Here are five common mistakes that you must avoid, so that you do not miss your flight and ruining the entire vacation.

  1. Not Accounting for the Time to Reach the Airport

Google Maps could give you an accurate prediction of the time it takes to reach the airport from your doorstep. But, that’s only half the battle.

As airports get bigger and bigger, it takes plenty of time to navigate the internal areas of the airport. From getting down to the rental car terminal to reaching your check-in counter, or moving from flights from Mumbai to Dubai terminal, it could take up to 1 to 3 hours or even more.

So, make sure to factor in this hidden travel time when you’re preparing your schedule.

  1. Banking on a Tight Connection

All airports have something called the MCT (Minimum Connection Time). This is the minimum time it takes for an average person for making a connection on another flight. This varies depending on the security procedures, airport layout, whether you’re moving from a domestic flight to an international flight or vice versa, and other factors.

Booking sites show itineraries that pass the MCT. However, if you have the habit of booking individual legs of the journey separately, you could end up with an itinerary that doesn’t pass the MCT. This could lead to missing connections and airlines won’t help you out since you made the booking on different PNRs.

While booking separate flights could help you in cutting down costs, make sure that you have at least one hour or more between flights.

  1. Flying during the Busiest Times of the Year

This one’s pretty obvious. Travelling during the busiest times of the year mean long lines at check-in counters, longer lines to claim baggage, and insane traffic congestion to get to and from the airports. If possible, try to schedule your flights on non-peak days to avoid unexpected delays and flight cancellations.

Generally, flying during mid-week means shorter lines and lower fares. On the other hand, if you have no other way, but to fly on the weekends or holidays, then make sure to factor in extra navigation time, both at the airport and to the airport.

  1. Missing the cut-off for the Check-in Time

Did you know the main reason why most travellers miss flights? It is because they failed to check-in before the cut-off time? Different airlines have varying rules for check-in times. Domestic flights have a check-in period of up to 45 minutes before scheduled departure, and international carriers have up to an hour or an hour-and-a-half of check-in time.

Be it FlyDubai, Qatar Airways, Emirates, or any other airline that you choose, the cut-off time is usually standard across all the airlines. Make sure you also keep the queue in mind when you calculate the cut-off time. Most airlines recommend arriving at the airport 3 hours before the departure time to avoid any hassles.

  1. Don’t be led Astray at the Airport

Airports all around the world are becoming a destination for themselves. With an endless array of duty-free shops, entertainment, gaming zones, and vast food courts, it’s easy to lose track of time. And with many airports around the world becoming silent airports, the chances of losing track of your flight is much higher. Set the alarm on your phone well ahead of the check-in time and get back to your departure gate ahead of time.

Always err on the side of caution. Killing time at the airport is way better than missing your flight and spoiling all your vacation plans.