Floor furnishing: Carpet and rugs

There are numerous floor furnishing options available in the market, like wood, hardwood, stone, carpeting, concrete etc. But one of the least expensive and quite popular choice is carpeting.

Carpets and rugs give a rich, comfortable and luxurious look to the floor. There is small difference between carpet and rugs and most of the times both of these terms are used interchangeably. Rugs are smaller in size compared to the carpets.

One can easily buy floor rugs online. There are a lot of websites which allow you to buy carpets and rugs online in India.

Carpets are available in various types. They are divided into different categories based on different criteria.

On the basis of weave and style:

  • Woven: quite famous in Arab, Iran and India, these carpets are usually woven on a loom.
  • Needle felt: ideal for the place with regular traffic, this type of carpet is generally found in commercials areas like hotels. Needle felt carpets are very durable
  • Knotted: knotting can be done in two manners, symmetrical and asymmetrical. Carpets in which the knotting is symmetrical are also known as Turkish carpets and those in which the knotting is asymmetrical are known as Persian carpets. Oriental rugs are famous for their hand knotting.
  • Tufted: probably the most common kind of carpets available across the world. In this the preferred yarn is tufted into the backing.


Carpets are usually available in various materials like

  • Nylon: durable and resistant to wear and tear, but absorbs liquids and stains easily.
  • Polypropylene: generally used for making outdoor grass carpets, this is durable and is resistant to staining but oil stains are difficult to remove.
  • Wool and wool blend: wool is easily available but is quite expensive as compared to the other carpeting materials. It is mixed with synthetic fibres like Nylon to lower its price and increase its durability.
  • Polyester: this is quite cheap and has good stain resistant properties but it is susceptible to matting down easily.
  • Acrylic: is used as a cheaper alternative to wool, it provides you the look and feel of wool at a much lower price. Washable

Advantages of carpets:

  • First of all it’s a cheap floor furnishing medium, giving your floor a high end finish.
  • It provides insulation and keeps your home warm and cozy.
  • Works as sound absorber and is very useful in large halls, preventing the reverberation of sound.
  • It is actually healthy as it absorbs dust and other particles.
  • Environment friendly, as most of the materials used can be recycled.
  • Easier to maintain.
  • Prevents you from slipping.

You can purchase carpets and rugs online choosing from a wide range of colour, style, size and prices. It is always a good idea to compare prices of different companies to find a good deal.