Friday, A Fun Day For One & All!

Friday is a Fun day!! Many of us, who have 5 working days, always wait for a new release of Bollywood movie that is ready to hit the theatres. This is quite common in the younger generations. So, now the concept of Friday release will be little easy to guess.

The very idea of releasing movies on holidays stems back to the 19th-century plays. As plays became more and more accepted and entertaining, the idea to get more people to watch it and commercialize it grew by the day. Plays and eventually movies were released on holidays or on festive days when people wouldn’t be too busy with their occupation. For moviegoers, online Movie ticket booking is a sheer blessing. Movie enthusiast can just decide the movie in the morning on Friday and book the movie tickets online and look forward to an entertaining evening with friends or even alone.

Famous big blockbuster films were shown continuously on holidays/Sundays that eventually saw spikes on these days. As global industrialization grew and work orders got formal, Sundays and more recent times Saturdays became huge earning days for movies and for any fun activities in general. Film industry honchos are involved in promoting their movies on every possible social media where all the movie show timings are displayed along with details of theatres near your location by taking the cue from the location on your smartphone. Social media plays a big role in helping people know about the upcoming movies. To increase the earnings, they have ties with movie show aggregators or apps that promote cinema ticket booking online coupled with various movie ticket coupons; movie ticket offers to draw huge crowds.

The very first reason for Friday is that it is followed by a two day weekend and makes it a perfect time to catch “first-day first show” for many movie lovers and it is time to catch your dates and friends for night party or night out for fun. As the cinema ticket booking can be done online, the Friday and weekends along with it have become the days where people would love to go for movies and enjoy the day with their families with fun, eat and relax.

This is not only limited to just movies even meetings with friends and dating is scheduled on these days. Also these days many national games various countries are scheduled on Friday’s and weekends so that people can watch them without any hassle

Fridays eventually became the ‘run-up’ day towards weekends, which were the high grossing days. Some producers do release on Thursdays too to cash on additional grossing days. Now day’s blockbusters are released on Thursdays, leading to the ultra-record collection and will be an added boon if festive season is connected with these days.

Usually, from early days, Fridays are considered as pay-days where many employees who earn salaries on a weekly basis used to get paid on Friday. So it was quite natural that they will be relaxed and willing to shell out money for a movie outing over the weekend.