Get The High Quality Carpets from India

It’s a matter of pride to own a royal carpet from India. They are elegant, stylish and yet durable. Whenever we are thinking of doing our interiors and whenever we are bored of our old interiors, we look for different makeover ideas. Our search domain can be home décor stores offline or online. We extract prevalent ideas for makeovers. There are a lot of ideas for interior makeover. Going for a beautifully done walls with wall papers or textured paints will make your interior completely look different. People like to go for different lighting and lampshades to give a fantastic look to their interiors. Up till now we have been talking about just the walls. There are thousands of ideas floating in the market when flooring is given consideration. You can decorate your floor with beautiful tiles, mosaic, granite or marble. But the look of a royal carpet is entirely different.

The story in itself – Indian Carpets

Brought by Mughals in 15th century, this art form has takers worldwide. The royal and fabulous touch that it give to your interiors is breathtaking. Carpet manufacturers in India, do keep in mind about the latest trend and demand of the prevailing market. Earlier Persian and Turkish weavers were brought to India to decorate the floors of Royal palaces. But with time, these weavers have spread all over India. Carpet weaving centres were established at different parts of the country. The Persian and Turkish weavers had traditional motifs and designs in their carpets. The Persian and Turkish art form got inspired from Indian art also, as a result of which carpets with various other designs and patterns were produced. The art of carpet weaving spread across India, which is the reason that carpets from various locations have a different story to tell. There are carpets that have designs inspired from various natural sceneries like sunrise, mountains, water bodies and landscapes. The carpets with figures of birds and animals is also liked by many. The traditionally weaved carpets are inspired by traditional art forms like Worli. Indian weavers are also using Chinese and European patterns in their designs. The geometric and calligraphic patterns are surrounded by floral prints. Wide range of colour combinations are used to weave vibrant carpets that are liked and treasured by many.

You will own a legacy

Carpet flooring suppliers in India do keep in mind the rich heritage of carpet weaving. So when you are buying a carpet for your interiors, you are owning a piece of legacy. The carpets manufactured in India are of superior quality that has impeccable workmanship. There are weavers from Kashmir, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh who are weaving carpets with a legacy. These artisans are world renowned for their meticulous work, magnificent design, elegance and attractive designs. The weavers and designers work together on a carpet to produce a wonderful piece of art. So go for Indian Carpets if you want to add legacy with royalty in your interiors.