Get to know the Hijab a little more

Hijabis a traditional head scarf worn most commonly by Muslim women. The hijab is derived from an Arabic word which means ‘cover’ and that resembles a veil. But there are many other kinds of hijab which are known by various other names.Though Muslim women mostly wear a Hijab, Muslim men are also seen to wear head covering as sign of modesty. Moreover quite a few Jewish and Christian women are found to wear similar headscarves as a part of their tradition or cultural practice of their commitment to modesty. In the Islamic tradition Muslim women have to cover their head by wearing a Hijab as a sign of the respect towards God. It is often accompanied with a niqab.

If you are confused between all the different types of a hijab dress the following list will help you out a little. The different types of hijab dresses are:

  • HIJAB: this is the most common type that women wear. It is a square piece of cloth which is wrapped around the head and covers the head and the neck of the women. The face is not covered by this. The woman in the West are found to wear this kind of hijab quite frequently.
  • SHAYLA: it is a long and rectangular shaped scarf which is worn loosely around the head and pinned or tucked at the shoulders. Unlike the Hijab it doesn’t cover the neck of the women. The face and neck are left uncovered while just the head is covered by it.
  • KHIMAR: the khimar is a pretty long scarf which resembles a lot like a cape and hangs till the middle of the back. The special type of hijab covers the head, neck and the shoulders of the woman but leaves the face clear.
  • CHADOR: it is a type of a long clock like covering which is used by the women to cover the entire body. It is similar to a khimar but longer in length. It is wrapped around the head like all the others and covers the whole body except the face.It wraps the women from the head till her feet.
  • NIQAB: this is a small piece of cloth which is used to cover the face of a woman. It is often worn with the various kinds of hijabs. It covers the nose and the mouth but leaves eyes visible.
  • BURQA: this is a type of covering which covers the woman entirely. The face as well as the body is covered by it. To allow the women to see a small wire mesh is provided near the eyes.

You can find all these different kinds of hijab in the market easily, otherwise you can also look for them in a Hijab store online. If you don’t want the hassle of going out in buying one you can order one online and have it delivered at your home. While many women consider it compulsory to wear Hijab due to various religious factors, it’s solely depends on the women’s choice whether to wear it or not.