Getting Standby Power for Your Home and Office to Increase Productivity

Getting Standby Power for Your Home and Office to Increase Productivity

New house owners try to improve their interiors with fashionable fittings. Along with the fans and lights, another big need for them is the UPS system. This is necessary because at most of the places, we have frequent power outages. When this happens, the work comes to a standstill.

Get your UPS unit

The UPS unit for the house is different from that for the office. This is because the power needs of both are different. When you order the UPS unit, the supplier will ask you about your energy needs. This means that is you have an air conditioner, you will need more energy. If you want to run just a copier and a computer, the power needed is lesser. But, there is one thing.

The power is stored inside the batteries of the UPS. This is direct current that needs to be converted to usable alternating current by using an inverter. The important thing is to choose a reliable supplier who will supply a good battery. To buy online solar battery you can search for the award winning UPS supplier in India. This will bring you to the site of the most reliable supplier.

Check your power needs

To place the order for your UPS system, you must check the power requirements first. This you can do by adding all the power ratings of the electrical equipment you use in the house. If you want to use 3 fans, 2 lights, and one computer, then you must add (40+40+40) + (60+60) + (300) = 540 Watts. If you run all of them for 3 hours, then your UPS must supply energy = 540 x 3 = 1620 Watt hour.

This is the continuous run energy. This energy is constant and you need it all the time while you use the UPS. If you use some other electrical appliance such as a motor, you will need surge electricity. This is the extra energy you will need to start the appliance. This is given as 20% or 300% on the rating of the UPS. So, your motor may need 300% surge power in addition to the regular continuous run energy.

If the UPS has a lesser rating, say 20% surge power, then the motor will not start up. So, check this value when you buy your UPS unit. Gets the correct match of the battery for your UPS at the top solar battery online shopping India. This will help you use the energy efficiently.

Get the electrical fittings

New homes also need electrical fittings such as fans and lights. This means that you need to shop for these when you build your own house. The leading UPS suppliers will have electrical fittings also. So, you can get your supply of fans and lights from the leading supplier of UPS units in India.

By opting for the best material and equipment, you get items that have the best energy efficiency. This helps to protect the environment by avoiding energy waste. Always buy and use the best and make sure you do not waste so you become a part of the greener India.