Giving your classroom a makeover

Schools are the temples of knowledge and its classrooms are the sanctum sanctorum. It is here that the future of the nation is shaped and taught the basics of our civilization, society, history and science. It thus makes sense that the classroom needs to have an environment that reflects the purpose it stands for and it has an aura of wonder and curiosity.

In ancient India, gurukuls were the places where the saints lived and taught the populace. These gurukuls imparted knowledge to the princes and princesses of numerous kingdoms making them the centre of knowledge and prestige in a kingdom.  The British brought with them the concept of classrooms and schools and from thereon we have adopted the model of providing universal education to all sections of the society.

What makes a classroom?

Although it’s the students that make up a classroom, we cannot ignore the basic necessities of a classroom. A teacher, books, students, a whiteboard and a marker all are important components of a classroom required for the most basic of classrooms to function. A classroom is a place where the students interact with each other, absorb knowledge from their teacher, and learn to apply their theoretical knowledge to the world they see around them.

The science experiments, art and craft classes and P.E classes all constitute important part of a well-functioning and healthy classroom. It is this concept of best whiteboard that has shaped the modern the education system and lead to the creation of a systemic qualification system for students all over the country and the world.

Modern Times

The 21st century belongs to the internet and the wonder of the internet has already permeated through all walks of life. Computers and internet have revolutionized the world and taken the civilization to the next step and is the source of constant discoveries and research now.

It is this influence of computers and their increasing importance that they have become an important part of modern school curriculum. Classrooms are now being transformed into Smart Classrooms wherein in addition to the best whiteboard there are now projector screens to help aid in education. Gone are the days when people would search for the best whiteboard for their classrooms to help them teach their students better.

The convenience of a whiteboard and the ease of cleaning it provides were unparalleled until projector screens and TV monitors start to become the norm. Even though the focus on smart classrooms has changed the priority of classrooms, conventional classrooms and the conventional teaching methods still require the good old whiteboard to get the work done.

It is the whiteboard that allows you to write your thoughts down instantly and make changes while you go on writing. It is the whiteboard where equations and theories are brought to life and the solution to some of the hardest questions found.