Hair-free skin on holiday: Easy tips

efficient hair removal

Are you waiting to hit the town in cute shorts and tank tops? We help you clear your skin of excess hair first.

Travel is always great fun, and it changes your outlook towards the world. Holidays are also a great excuse to wear gorgeous, skimpy clothing that shows off your body to its best advantage.

But there’s one thing that never changes, whether you’re on holiday or not: hair removal. It can get a little vexing to remove hair while you’re on vacation, but it does not need to be.

Do you really need to remove hair?

A bit of fuzz is always fine. After all, you’re on holiday and nobody really cares if you’ve got a bit of hair on your arms and legs. Obviously, you care about it, but if you can afford to ignore a bit of hair growth, then you should wear what you want with complete confidence.

No fuzz, no visible hair, please

But if you don’t want even a hint of hair on your limbs or bikini line, then you’ll have to do something about the hair growth. You have two options open to you: waxing and depilation.

Of these, waxing is the more long-term hair removal solution. Depilation is also an effective remedy, but the hair won’t stay away for long.

efficient hair removal

* Waxing: Waxing pulls out hair by the root, so the skin is left hair-free for several days. The hair regrowth is also sparser and finer than before, so subsequent removal is easier.

You obviously cannot go looking for a waxing parlour while on holiday, so you should carry your own box of cold wax strips. These work excellently for quick, efficient hair removal whenever you want, in the privacy of your hotel room or bathroom. Apply the strips on the skin and pull off in one swift, smooth motion. You can use the wax strips on your arms, legs, underarms and bikini zone. One strip may be used about thrice before you take a new one, so it’s a cost-effective method as well.

* Depilation: This is a hair removal method that employs the use of a cream applied on the skin to ‘dissolve’ the hair and remove it cleanly. Upon application, the cream turns the hair just under the surface of skin to a jelly-like consistency. It is then just wiped off with a damp flannel. The skin remains hair free for up to 4 days after depilation, so you might need to use it again if you’re out for long. However, depilatory creams are great for last minute touch-ups and removing stray hair left behind by waxing or threading.

Once you have removed the hair using either waxing or creaming, you should let the skin rest for a period of 24 hours. Avoid exposing the skin to direct sunlight, or swimming. Apply copious amounts of moisturiser and sun block cream to prevent rashes and heat burn.

And above all, have a great holiday!