How to Get an Air Conditioning System That Suits Your Budget

Air Conditioning System

Though air conditioning system can prove to be costly, it can be terrible to spend sweltering summer without it. Simple adjustments like use of energy efficient appliances and choosing natural cooling ways can help you bring the cost down effectively.

Figure out the number of BTUs You require

BTU is the short form of British thermal unit. It has to be calculated on the basis of the room area. The more your BTUs cranks out, the stronger will be it’s cooling power.  You need to look at the energy star list to find out the square feet area that you wish to cool into BTUs / hour.

To arrive at the number of BTU you require, you need to measure the room with the help of a tape. If you have an irregularly sized room, then you can break down the area into smaller geometric shapes. This will help in estimation and calculation of the size of room and therefore BTU. When it comes to air conditioning products, Voltas is the No.1 brand that provides quality machines within the budget of the people.

Use of a ceiling fan

Ceiling fan is a very useful method to run an AC in the room. Combination of the power of an AC and a simple ceiling fan will give you the best of both worlds. Not just these fans require less energy to operate, ceiling fans provide an immediate impact on the domestic convenience once you purchase and install them. With this fan, you can easily feel your room to be three to eight degrees cooler.

 Air Conditioning System

Invest in an Energy Star Model

Ideally, you can use your air conditioning units for about 9-10 years, after which you must seriously consider about going for a new AC. When purchasing the new units, make sure that you choose the models that come with energy star certification, because they provide excellent cooling by using competitively lesser power.

The reason why energy efficiency delivers high performance at lower costs is because these units will cycle the compressor “on and off” so that it does not operate on a continuous basis. This approach will help you save on energy costs throughout the lifetime. So, upgrading your existing old model to an energy efficient one proves to be advantageous to the user. Big Shopping Days at Flipkart provide best deals to people on TV and appliances of various brands and models.

Always check EER or energy efficiency ratio when purchasing the unit. The higher the ratio, the more energy efficient will be the unit. So, replace your old unit with “5-unit EER” by a new unit with 10-unit EER.  This will help you reduce the cooling costs to half.


Air conditioner is a very important demand of any home especially during the hot summer months. For many households, AC is still perceived as a luxury. These are some of the ways, which when incorporated can really make your AC purchase efficient and budget friendly.