How To Makeover Yourself In A Budget Without A Stylist: A Complete Guide For A Woman

Are you tired of your same old look? There is no fun in wearing the same type of clothes everyday right? We have listed a few tips that will transform you from a ‘Desi girl’ to a modern Diva. Experimenting is always fun especially if you are doing it for the very first time. We only live once, so why stay trapped in a single look for more than a year. You are young and free, and we suggest you to get a little wild, do a little experimenting with your hair and makeup.Dresses for women have this magical power which can transform anyone with just a few changes. So I suggest you to hop on this ride with us and use these free suggestions by some of the biggest fashion stylist and discover a new version, which is hidden for centuries within you.

  1. Replace All Your Ethnic Wear With Dresses

Enough of your traditional avatar, we suggest you to make a bold statement with your modern avatar. This is going to be a significant step for you which will give you an overnight transformation. You can literally choose anything from the variety of western outfits and you will be turning heads. Just ensure that you don’t go too extreme and wear anything that makes you uncomfortable. You can take a slow start by trying out some jeans or maxi skirts if you feel shy. But make sure to try all the other alternatives and varieties before running away from it.

  1. Try Different Trends

We understand that not every fashion trend can be followed, because of its dramatic style and intensity, which only looks good on the ramp. However, try and experiment with some of these new trends every once in a while. Trying these looks will automatically increase your style quotient, without much effort. You can try off shoulder or cut out dresses which are trending currently. Replace your old denims, with some ripped worn out jeans. You can also experiment with your jewelry and get a little heavy in this area. You can also try straight fit trousers with lace crop tops to get a comfortable yet sexy look.

  1. Makeup

Makeup plays an important role, and can drastically change your look, with a single addition of a wing in your eyeliners. Use this modern art to your advantage and try different looks and lip colors every day. you can change you look, based on your attire, donning light makeup for light colored dresses or for daily use and go all intense and dramatic for a party or a night out look.You can also try a little tanning and contouring to change your complexion or the structure of your face. This can make a dramatic impact on your face, which can completely change your look.

  1. Exercise

Lose a few pounds and we promise you, you will start looking good in everything you wear be it a dress or any traditional wear. Make your clothes your motivation and imagine how amazing you will look once you fit in the favorite pair of your shorts or your tube top. We all want to look amazing and a fit body is the secret which will allow you to look good in everything you wear. Regular exercise will help you adapt into a healthier lifestyle, which will eventually transform your body and skin completely. You will feel active and happier. Losing weight will also motivate and help you in falling in love with yourself. Give a chance to all your high school crushes to fall in love with you.

  1. Book a Parlor Appointment

Experiment with your hair and try coloring them a different shade to draw people’s attention to your face. You can also consider getting a haircut or a different eyebrow shape as these two are also considered a great way to change your look. Hair cuts are a popular make over step. If you are going through a breakup or just feeling bold to try some short hair cuts then this is the right time, as short hair will solve all your sweat problems this summer. Short hairs look good with everything from dresses to any casual peppy look. You can experiment with layers and fringes if you are feeling to go for a chic look. You can also try different colors or hair extensions if you want to steer clear of scissors. Thanks to beauty industry, today you can extend anything from your lashes to your hair. So, go ahead and try a different look.


These are some of the easiest tips that will help you try a taste a different style of fashion. Fashion is all about creativity so we suggest don’t shy away from experimenting. Take this time, to try out all the looks that you have been dying to try out from years, be it Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’ video haircut or any other long extension look. However, fashion is also about confidence and comfort so I suggest don’t go over boards and try any Dresses for women that doesn’t make you feel comfortable. Enjoy a little and let us know, about your transformation.