Important college essentials for college dorms

So, finally, you decided to leave your home and start a new student life in college and started packing. But don’t know where to begin, don’t worry we brought you the list of all college essentials that you should bring to the dorms. These are some essentials which you should not miss and are also available at affordable prices

  1. Cooking and eating Supplies to carry with you

One thing you should know about the college dorms is that you need to bring your own stuff to serve yourself.

  • At Least 2 water bottles to make sure you don’t die out of thirst ( just kidding)
  • 4 unbreakable glasses
  • Dorm dishes including 2 dining plates, 2 bowls, and spoons
  • Trash bags, dish liquids, and some cleaning papers.
  1. Dorm Room Essentials

You need to carry your room essential in order to survive well in the dorm rooms

  • 2 Bed sheets, pillow covers
  • 1 or 2 curtain
  • At Least one blanket
  • Mattress and Mattress cover

  1. Bags to carry your stuff

Bags are the most important part of your college preparation and you should be following bags to make sure that nothing’s left behind.

  • .Luggage Bags- First plan your stuff and according to manage the luggage bags, count your clothes and other stuff roughly to know how many bags you need.
  • Mini Bags- The mini bags are the most important for your backpacking as you need to carry some stuff that can’t be put in the luggage bags with other items. The mini bags are enough to carry your important stuff that you will be needing as soon as you reach the dorm such as laptop, papers and other stuff. You can buy such bags online
  • A decent college bag- This one you wouldn’t want to miss, give a stylish impact on your appearance from the first day at college. Their variety of college bags available online that comes at very affordable prices. Leather casual bags are the trendiest bags nowadays for college students.
  • Trip Bag- This could be your choice but we advise you to carry this one with you to enjoy your college life at fullest. The most of the trips to have fun you will ever make is during your college time and don’t want to spoil the moment just because of not having the right bag to carry your stuff. You have a variety of option to select the perfect one bag for your trip before leaving for the dorms.
  1. Clothes

You may be thinking why we are talking about clothes, no one forgets to take their clothes. Gut, here are the things maybe you need to update your wardrobe now for college if you want to be unique personality there. Below are points you need to remember while packing your clothes.

  • Your house possess at least 2 pairs of jeans with light and dark colors for your college days
  • Make sure you should at least one white shirt along with a denim one
  • Don’t forget to take casual, black leather and your all-time favorite boots with you.
  • Jackets are the must, leather jackets are the soul of your attire in college and also buy one bomber jacket if you don’t have one yet.