Labradoodle – facts to be known

Labradoodle is a cross breed which is the result of crossing Labrador retriever and Toy poodle. This cross breed is also known as labrapoodle. It is to be noted that this is a cross breed and they should not be mentioned as breed. Since the parents of this cross breed are active, they are also considered to be active, friendly and intelligent. Even though the cross breed appeared in 1955, they were widely known during the year 1988. It can be said that this dog attained greater popularity when they are started using as hypoallergic dog guide. The most unfortunate thing about this cross breed is they are not recognized as the standardized breed in many kennel clubs.

Size and weight

While considering cross breed, one cannot estimate the accurate weight and size. However, this cross breed comes in three different sizes. These three sizes are stated as miniature, medium and standard. The weight of these sizes will also get varied from one another. While considering miniature they will weigh from 15 pounds to 30 pounds. The medium size of this cross breed will be from 30 pounds to 45 pounds. And coming to the standard one, they will be more than 45 pounds. At times, the weight of standard size will also be 100 pounds. It is to be noted that the buyers should make note of these factors and can choose the size according to their needs.


One of the main reasons which made this cross breed more popular in the market is their hypoallergic quality. This means that this dog can be the best pet for the people who have the problems of allergies. People who have children and new born babies at home can also give preference to this pet as they are hypoallergic. It is to be noted that in order to bring out the best in Labradoodle, they must be taken for a walk daily. They must be allowed to play actively without any constraint. Since they are very active, they can also be taken to the dog sports.