Make the best Choice is the Essay Writing Process

If, in fact, the antithesis is that part of speech that should refute and destroy your thesis and your idea, if you have presented enough themes and arguments in your favor, the antithesis will be an extra piece in your favor. You will confide it step by step, increasing the strength of your thesis.

At the end of your argumentative topic, after writing the thesis and refuting the antithesis, it will be time to enclose each thought in a final conclusion.

You should try to take stock of the situation, taking up the “threads” of the various speeches and bringing them all back to a single point: your thesis and the correct one. You can have the best essay writing advice in this case.

Conceptual Map Argumentative Text: the outline for the lineup

To help you further, in addition to writing the lineup, it may be useful to have a concept map or diagram that summarizes the main points to be treated in the various parts of the argumentative text, so as to have, point by point and in a logical sense, what you need and need. insert, without losing any information and without the risk of going off topic. If you need an outline for the topic lineup, you can find it here:

Argumentative topic done, example

Let’s say that your professors want you to reflect on a subject such as drugs , abuse of these and the proposal to legalize some soft drugs , such as marijuana, which took place in some countries. An argumentative topic on drugs therefore will be composed as follows.

Essay paper on drugs: thesis and antithesis

Introduction: here you will explain what we are talking about. These are drugs and the world of addiction. This is a dangerous reality where hard drugs are unfortunately consumed every day by many people, even among the youngest. On the other hand, there is also a whole substrate of people who use light drugs, not less dangerous for this, but who also claim to have therapeutic uses and their commercialization could bring numerous incomes into the coffers of the State.

Presentation of the thesis and arguments in favor of the thesis after giving the general picture, in an essay paper on drugs you have to decide “which side to take”. Are you in favor of legalizing soft drugs? Then explain it by bringing numerous examples, data and themes to support your thesis. Think instead it’s all wrong and that every drug is dangerous: even in this case, make your reasons helped by texts, data, and analysis.

Antithesis and refutation: depending on which of the two ideas you have decided to support, it is time to destroy the other. If you are in favor of legalization, you can take as the antithesis the fact that many claims there are a need for a harsher repression policy.