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Modern tiny Decor Items To use in your home decor

Are you fond of decorating your garden? We are sure that by now, you must have tried a dozen of plants and pots to refurbish your garden. However, how about trying something a notch higher than simply revamping your plants? What if we told you that you could use your same old plants and pots to create a whole new dimension for your garden? Read on to find how you can make the best of miniature craft items or Dollhouses furniture   from, to give your garden a real feel.

  • Miniature cottage : Use these cute little garden cottages to decorate your plants or else create a fairy landscape with of pots and plants, to give it a complete look with these cottages. The miniature design is replete with fine detailing.
  • Garden chairs and table set: Complete the look of your fairy garden with this set of cute little chairs and tables. Resembling a perfect dining set, this miniature set gives the real feel of a fairy garden to your efforts.
  • Artificial stone ladder:  Now that you are placing a nice little cottage in your fairy garden, you can place these little stone ladders that guide your little guests to your tiny cottage home and make them feel welcome.
  • Prickly pear garden miniature : Which garden is complete without some variety of plants? If you can’t keep real ones, then why not decorate your fairy garden with these miniature pots and plants that look every bit as attractive as the real ones!

  • Old granny and grandpa :  To complete the look of your fairy garden, a pair of grandpa and grandma, does wonders! It makes your fairy garden look alluring, authentic and highly lovable. Grab your pair of grandparents today!
  • Tiny mushrooms:Try enhancing the look of your fairy garden with these tiny little mushroom tods that look juicy red and attractive. The bright colour of these mushrooms add a very subtle yet potent colour to your fairy garden and enhances its overall look. 
  • Sofa chairs : A pair of sofa chairs in a natural wooden design for your miniature grandparents? Grab these cute little set of sofas that resemble wooden logs and decorate your fairy garden with them.
  • Turtles:  Decorate your artificial rivers with these cute little miniature turtles, which bring the waters of your river alive.

Now that you have so many options of garden décor items to choose from, why not go ahead and build yourself a fairy garden, or give a vintage look  where you can add all the elements and items of your choice and brighten your garden with your crafting skills!