One must know about Samsung washing machine

Samsung is a Korean company which manufactures several smart home products, mobile phones, cellular batteries, memory cards, earphones and other electronic products. The company was established in the year 1969, since then it had been serving the world. Currently it is among the top 5 in the list of best electronic company and among best 100 company of the world. The company is doing its business in more than 80 countries. After Samsung mobile phone, Samsung washing machines are sold in very large quantity. As we all know that washing machine is an electronic device that helps us in washing our clothes.

Get the details of Samsung washing machine

 After whirlpool and LG Samsung is another company that manufactures best quality of washing machines. Samsung washing machines comes of three types and of various loading capacity at a reasonable price. Earlier the washing machines did not have many features but now it has many. Samsung washing machine is easier to use, consumes less electricity and water and also have a higher holding capacity. The best thing is that the Samsung washing machines comes with the automatic features of spinning the clothes. Earlier people had to transfer the washed clothes from one part of machine to another but now everything is automatic. After the clothes are washed it is spines by its own.

 Here is the Samsung washing machine price list:

  • Samsung WW60M206LMW is available at price 22,000. It is fully automatic and has the capacity to hold 6 kg of weight. Its maximum spin capacity is 1000 rounds per minutes. With these feature it is attracting the buyers.
  • Samsung WA60H4100Y, the holding capacity is of 6 kg. It is fully automatic and the market price is 15,000. This is really amazing that at such a relevant price this machine is best to buy.
  • Samsung WA62M4100HY comes at 13,000. It is fully automatic washing machine having the holding capacity of 6.2 kg of weight. It is really attracting, as at a low price one will get all the required features.
  • Samsung WT1007AG, its price is 14,000. The holding capacity is of 8 kg and it is fully automatic. The maximum number of spin per minute is 800. So, the one who wants a Samsung washing machine with a higher holding capacity must not miss the chance to buy this one.

After seeing Samsung washing machine price list one must make a smart decision about which one they should buy.

Samsung had grown widely all over the world in short span of time. No doubts the products and the service from Samsung are very satisfying. You get guarantee on the products and also after sale service is available. It is not only the product quality that is raising the company but also its services impress the customers to be their regular customer.