Pallavi Chhelavda- Bring Prosperity To Your Home With Feng Shui & Vastu!

Your home is an epitome of peace and love. However, at times you will find negative energies entering your home and causing pain and suffering. It is here that you need the experienced guidance of a compassionate Feng Shui and Vastu consultant who will evaluate your home’s needs and help you in a large way to get the best solutions and remedy for your woes.

Pallavi Chhelavda- Making homes happy!

Pallavi Chhelavda is a well known and esteemed consultant of Vastu and Feng Shui in the nation. She has over 26 years of experience in the field and has been helping people with practical solutions when it comes to hindrances and misfortune in their lives. She says that when it comes to Vastu and Feng Shui both give you the scope to remove inauspicious energies from your home. She says most people are not even aware of the fact that a few simple changes can really transform your life.

Pallavi Chhelavda

Understanding Feng Shui and Vastu with an expert

Vastu has its origins in India and Feng Shui in China. Both are popular when it comes to bringing in peace and prosperity to your home. When it comes to Vastu and Feng Shui you will find that both of them are architectural sciences though the latter is more location related. Vastu was conceived by the Vedic sages in India and they say that when it comes to your home it has a soul that needs to be nourished and taken care of for health and happiness. When it comes to Feng Shui, it is based on geography and location.

Understanding the North & South directions under Vastu & Feng Shui

Vastu Shastra says that the North and the East directions of your home are very auspicious. However, it says that the South direction of your home is not good. Feng Shui, on the other hand, lays down that the North direction of the home is not good as China gets cold winds from the Mongolian Desert that is located to its North. It says that the South direction of the home is very auspicious as it is sunny and houses warmth.

Which one should you follow?

She says that many clients come to her with misconceptions and confused notions when it comes to Vastu and Feng Shui. She says that it is very important for her to listen to them before she comes to a solution for their problems. She says that when she is counseling her clients, she generally takes a layout of their home and checks their directions. She also discusses with her clients about the position of certain household items like TV, gadgets and computers.

Pallavi Chhelavda says in Feng Shui, they should be placed in the North and in Vastu they should be kept in the South. She says that if you really want Vastu and Feng Shui to work for you, it is important for you to visit a skilled consultant with a layout of your home for best results!