Reasons for performing the craniotomy surgery-

Many a time people may suffer from some structural problem in their brain which can get corrected through small surgical procedures repairing it. With the advancement in the medical technology, the surgeons are now capable of operating any portion of the brain without causing any single incision on any other part of the head.

One such surgery that is very common is the craniotomy surgery India which is done to treat the several types of problems in the brain. Here with surgical procedure and tools the certain portion of skull is removed in order to reach the intracranial compartment of the brain. Here the portion of skull that is temporarily removed is known as a bone flap, which is placed back in its original position once the operation is completed. This flap is typically fastened into place with very low-profile titanium plates and screws. The term “Craniectomy” which is used for such surgery refers to an operation wherein the bone flap is removed and not replaced.

Let us see some the reasons for the craniotomy-

  • In case of brain surgery- Either a direct blow to the brain or any whiplash can cause brain injury to the person. In such cases, the person suffers from bleeding, tearing or swelling in the brain. Hence, such treatment is given to the patient in order to stop the bleeding and reduce the pressure so created inside the skull. Here in this surgery, the blood and the damaged tissues are removed directly and the brain is set to healing process.
  • In case of brain tumor- When the brain is hit by some abnormal cells, it is called a tumor. This tumor grows from cells inside the brain and that spread easily to the other site of the body. Hence, through such craniotomy surgery the tumor is removed safely removing a certain portion of the skull where the flap is fixed back.
  • In case of Arteriovenous malformation- The snarled tangles of blood vessels which cause some irregular connection between the arteries and veins is called the case of arteriovenous malformation. This reason prevents the normal blood flow through the entire part of the brain. This might sometimes increase the chances of bleeding inside the brain tissues. Through this surgery, the blood flow is channelized and fixed along the normal route.
  • In case of aneurysm- Sometimes there persists a balloon-like formation on any part of the artery walls which might weaken and burst to send the blood flow outside. This leaking of blood can cause immense damage to the entire brain. Thus, the surgery of craniotomy is performed to stop this leakage and fix the problem inside the brain.

These therapies or surgeries helps in improving the abilities to improve the daily activities. In such cases, the patient should avoid activities such as drinking alcoholic beverages; sitting for long periods of time; driving; lifting anything must not be done. Following doctor’s visit is essential and any abnormalities must be shared with them for safe healing.