Review of 2014 Porsche Panamera Turbo Executive

2014 Porsche Panamera Turbo Executive is a stretched Porsche Panamera, to put it in the simplest of words. This has been introduced after the luxury class buyers started feeling a bit of shortchanged while driving the Panamera. When it is the elongated version, it doesn’t’ come at cheap price. The launch price varies anything from Rs. 1.09cr to Rs. 2.39cr. Ex-showroom price of Diesel Edition is Rs 1.04cr and some of the new standard feature that make this car that more special is the 250hp 3.0l V6 diesel. In fact, the used Porsche market in India is also very active nowadays because it helps customers to get a feel of the luxury at a more affordable price. Panamera Diesel cars can be bought at a price lesser than Rs. 1cr, anything from Rs. 88 lakh to Rs. 98 lakh.

4-door GT Porsche Panamera

Porsche started toying with the idea of manufacturing a dream 4-door GT car since 1998. Making of the prototype was given to Porsche engineer Ulrich Bez. The task was very difficult for Bez because of the simple fact that he had to build it on the successes of the 928. This is how making of the Panamera started and ultimately the four-seat, four-door car came into existence, after lots of hullaballoo. It was the facelift it received in 2013 that the sales chart really started ticking rapidly, taking its overall sales to a new high. This car has seen maximum sales in both the USA and China. In fact, the fever of this car is catching up in India too. The noticeable aspect of this car is the style. This aspect is making the car that much trendy among the luxury segment in India. Another thing that needs mention is the craze for luxurious used Porsche in India, which is breaking all previous records. In fact, the makers have themselves accepted the fact that this car’s success has exceeded their own expectation of sales.

luxurious used Porsche in India

In fact, an E-hybrid option is also available now. This one is known as the petrol-electric plug-in model, which comes with a newly developed battery. It can power the car for around 20 miles. This car also comes with the same supercharged 3.0-litre V6 that was there in the previous one. This high-tech 2095kg saloon has 410bhp and 91.1mpg output along with amazing 71g/km CO2 emission.

Highs and Lows of Porsche Panamera Turbo Executive

The greatest aspect of Panamera Turbo Executive is the limo-like rear seat, which is definitely an improvement over the regular Panamera. The rear seat is so comfortable that the owner can take a nap with comfort. In fact, as an optional feature buyers can go for the leather trimmed vents too. However, this car is not flawless too. One thing that can be considered as a not-so desired aspect is the button-crazy consoles. It looks more like a pricey enhancement surgery. To give you an idea of the cons, it can be said that the consoles look similar to a stretch-limo, which doesn’t go too well with the overall look of the Porsche.

This new car is the perfect solution for those Porsche lovers who feel a little let down when a BMW 7-series car or a Mercedes-Benz S-class car stops beside the regular Panamera at a light. The Executive Turbo and Executive Turbo S versions will surely feel more comfortable beside these branded luxury cars. However, the cost for this stretching is significantly high, bringing the overall cost of the car in line with Bentley Flying Spur. If the price is a bit too much for you, always go for a used Porsche in India because you can enjoy the same quality well at a far lesser price.