Samsung’s quest for reinvention

Over the years, Samsung Electronics experimented with various types of TV sets from QLED, to Smart TV, to curved one. Not all have led to praises, as experiments don’t necessarily convert into success. However, this did not hamper the company’s will for innovation and creativity.

How did it become of the leaders in TV market?

In TV market, Samsung LCD TV still holds one of the world’s top positions, as it held 21.6% market share in 2016. In addition, it is the largest vendor of Smart TVs as compared to other brands. The company believes that we are at the dawn of a paradigm shift in the definition of TV because of continuous and ever changing consumer expectations, crisper image-rendering displays and data-intensive services due to the emergence of big data. The company considers the OLED market as dead end and QLED as the new future prospect. With every one fighting over in the OLED market of TV, Samsung believes that OLED TV sets were a dead end as there were a lot of fundamental problems with it which were difficult to overcome in large display of like 65 inch TV set and also had limited brightness which was inadequate for high dynamic range of TV sets.

On the other hand, QLED uses inorganic materials which are more stable as compared to OLED which uses organic material that fundamentally hampers the lifespan of display and cause burn ins. However, one advantage that OLED have over QLED is the black levels, meaning it has better black than QLED when seen in pitch dark. But the question here arises is that do majority people want to watch TV in pitch dark? It also found out that more than two-thirds of regular consumers globally tend to watch TV with lights on completely or dimmed but rarely completely off.

  • Currently, QLED TV sets account for 6% of company total sales in 2016 and has also accounted for 16% of total revenue. In 2017, it almost doubled, with having 10% of company total sales and 23% of total revenue.
  • The company currently is on the path of expansion for HDR availability and it also collaborated with Amazon for HDR10 and is also working with Hollywood to make HDR as a de factor standard.
  • The brand Samsung is one who takes innovations very seriously and comes up with new ideas and products continuously without worrying about failure or success.