Scope of IT jobs in Saudi Arabia


An IT professional uses computers, software, networks, servers and many other technologies to access, manage and store data in an organized manner. There are many options for IT specialists if they are looking for jobs. For the large number of jobs in Saudi Arabia are available. Irrespective of the company, these professionals are meant to provide services in software, hardware, databases and many more. In short, they help in establishing the company’s presence in the business market.

Requirements of an IT professional

  • A bachelor’s degree in CSE/IT is the essential educational qualification required, preference is usually given to a candidate with master’s degree


  • A degree in BCA, whereas MCA is given preference
  • Apart from these educational qualifications, there are certain skills which an IT professional must have which are
  • Creative
  • Should be able to work and lead the team
  • Must assure the quality
  • Should keep an eye on every details irrespective of small or big
  • Have an excellent quality of building effective relationships
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Time managing quality
  • Adaptability and many more.

Steps to be taken to get IT jobs in Saudi Arabia

  • Acquiring related education is compulsory which is B.Tech/BCA/MCA/M.Tech or related course
  • Preparing CV and start registering on different job portals for free like Monstergulf, Indeed etc. and complete your details and start your job search

Advantages of working in Saudi Arabia

  • As the country is rich in natural beauty which makes it good place to live
  • People of the country are very helpful and are always eager to help strangers or foreigners with a smile on their face which makes it a nice place especially for those who are away from their home country
  • Rate of crime in Saudi Arabia is very less when compared with other countries as the level of violence is less
  • Work and business opportunities in Saudi Arabia is in large number in the sector of :
  • Travel and tourism
  • Oil industry
  • IT sector
  • Doctors etc
  • Very affordable accommodations. Spacious homes are there which makes it an ideal place to invest in housing
  • Banking systems in Saudi Arabia follows modern technology offering services like retail banking, corporate banking facilities, investment services and many more
  • If we talk about the taxes irrespective of whether you are resident of the country or an expat you don’t have to pay tax or income tax or value added tax which turns out to beneficial point when it comes at saving money or spending a little more
  • If you are planning for family and settling down altogether then considering Saudi Arabia is the option you can consider offering affordable educational facilities in both private and public schools
  • Superb healthcare facilities are provided to residents and expats as well to a certain limit
  • Tourism is flourishing in Saudi Arabia at a very fast rate. The country offers opportunities to budding entrepreneurs, new businessman especially in the sector of travel and tourism, hospitality making it an ideal choice for many people to relocate to Saudi Arabia to become rich and successful.

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