Selecting the right kind of Dehumidifier


Humidity inside the house has become quite a common problem for a lot of people, in such scenario the easiest and the most pocket friendly way out is to get a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier as its name suggests is an electronic machine that helps in removing humidity from your premises as well as purifies the air and makes the conditions of living for you way healthier than otherwise is.

Megabite Electronics is a company that is a distributor of such efficient dehumidifiers; in fact, they are the official distributors of Air Dry Co. Of America that is responsible for the provision of dehumidification systems to the U.S. military. Apart from this, they primarily deal in the manufacture and supply of defense equipments to the U.S.Navy and several other reputed companies.

Invented in 1902 by Willis Havilland Carrier, the dehumidifiers have acted as a sort of life saver for a lot of people living under harsh conditions of extreme humidity and the ensuing discomfort. Especially, those afflicted with asthma and other types of breathing problems are greatly helped with these dehumidifiers because of their ability to get rid of all the moisture in the house and at the same time purifying the air.

The basic principal behind the working of the dehumidifiers is almost the same, with slight variations depending on its type. The use of refrigerant is a common thing in all types of dehumidifiers, and its working comprises of warming the air slightly so as to decrease the humidity and making the room comfortable. A fan, a water reservoir and a hot and cold condenser coil is used to make this possible.


There are three types of dehumidifiers available:

  1. Heat pump dehumidifier – This is considered to be the best in the market and it employs the technique of drawing water out of a building with the help of a heat pump. A very frigid coil condenses the moisture and the water droplets are collected inside a unit. A second coil warms up the air inside and then releases a comfortable temperature into the room.
  2. Chemical absorbent dehumidifier – This is used in large industries located in warmer places. As its name suggests it makes use of a chemical drying agent and with the help of a heat exchange wheel absorbs all the moisture from the air.
  3. Dehumidifying ventilator – Areas of extreme humidity do not find much help with this type of dehumidifier. It uses an exhaust fan and a sensor controller to draw the outside air into the house. These are best used in the basement, but there too attention must be paid to check whether you have a properly vented gas furnace, as these are capable of causing gas spills.

Thus, depending on your requirement only you should purchase a dehumidifier and if you still think you are confused the best thing to do is ask for help from experts dealing in it, like the Megabite Electronics who have been catering to the dehumidifying systems of the U.S. military.