Sober living homes and their benefits

The purpose of recovery is to stabilize the addict and prevent a relapse or recurrence of the disease. As a crucial treatment process, eliminating addiction is a difficult task on its own. It is not rewarding to go through such length therapeutic session and return to the initial cause of the addiction. Many addicts have fallen into the trap of relapse and going back into rehab is not always a fun ride.

Other addicts find it difficult to readjust or fit back into society. Also, wavering ill comments from people can also be difficult. These negativities can be hard to suppress and this can bring the patient back into relapse.

This is where the significance of sober living homes is needed. With suitable structure and stability, these sober living homes provide a serene environment that is required for recovery. Sober living homes provide a comfortable environment that allows safe transitioning without necessarily initiating a relapse. During this period, the affected persons are given safe treatment. This comprises self-help groups, relationship building with a peer group, strengthening family ties and bonds, and so on. Sober living homes have a prolonged period of time than rehab facilities so that the addict is successfully integrated back into the society.

There are immense benefits that a sober living home can offer and they include:

  • Affordability

Unlike rehab treatment facilities, sober living homes are quite affordable and do not leave a hole in people’s pockets. Not everyone can afford to pay for rental and utility bills due to fixed income or insufficient funds. Sober living homes can provide the necessary utilities at a rate that an average citizen can afford.

  • Support system

The support system from peer group is highly effective in strengthening the resolve of an addict to quit. In the facility, there are peer counselors that offer help and systematic support to struggling addicts. To an extent, this ensures focus and determination.

  • Centralized location

There is easy access to means of transportation, comfort, and other resources in sober living homes. They are strategically built to facilitate ease of access to important utilities.

  • Well structured environment

There are no strict regulations in sober living homes but residents are urged to abide by rules so that their aim and objective can be achieved. In addition, the residents are urged to attend outside treatments or AA/NA meetings which can set the right pace for them. During their stay, addicts must neither smuggle toxic substances nor engage in illicit activities of any kind. Code and conduct are not to be flouted. Amongst peer groups, residents are encouraged to have mutual respect for one another. Cleanliness is also to be maintained to promote safe living. In any case, some homes have curfews to curb irregularities in treatment.

Sober living homes aren’t established to cure addiction but they act as facilitators of the recovery process. It is safe to see these homes as detoxification homes that keep the system of the residents clean from harmful substances. Till date, sober living homes have contributed immensely to the recovery of many addicts. These individuals lead healthy lifestyles and are living as contributory citizens.