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The advantages of a leasehold condominium

advantages of a leasehold condominium

The condominium is the latest trends that all support all the necessities that come in hand for the ones that buy it. There have been many leaders in the real estate that have invested a huge lump of money on the condominium. The leasehold is one of the types of a condominium that many things if that is worth a try or now.

For them who do not know what a leasehold condominium is, it is actually a condominium built on a leased land by a second party that doesn’t own the land. The real estate has to pay a rent to the owner of the land. The land is actually taken on a contractual basis and once the contract goes void, one either can renew this or be broken down. The best place to get a condominium is

leasehold condominium

Here are some of the things that makes the condominium the best option to select.

The price is lower

The whole concept of leasing the land is to make money. Buying a land and to have a construction on it would cost the person a lot more then it could be imagined. However having the land leased is much better as you don’t have to have to buy the whole land but actually have that on a contract. The leasehold can have the land owned by you for a duration as long as 30 years. There are many who are more likely to extend the leasehold thus increasing the profit to many folds.

The government reclaims the land

The condominium is mainly situated in the porch area of the main city. With the number of industrialization on the run, there is a lot of development going around. If you buy the land then the land is claimed by the government for the purpose of construction better road. If the land is leased then you are don’t have to sustain many losses. You would be saved.


These two advantages and turned a lot of real estate agents to moved to leasehold condominium to make a lot of business. Hence never think that the lead system is a bad one to be considered.