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The Exemplary Equestrian Kimberley Dey

Kimberley Dey

Women in the present world are carving a niche for themselves in every possible field of profession as well as recreation. They are no longer limited to the arts and talents that can be showcased within the interiors, Kimberley Dey is a perfect example of such a modern woman who is reputed all over Honolulu not just for her business acumen but also her great skills in handling horses and being an equestrian.

Despite her father, Mr. Charles B. Wang, being a popular figure in the area, is not her source of recognition; she has exhibited glaring excellence in handling her business and also standing out among others when it comes to things related to horses. Kimberley Dey‘s reputation has reached heights with her commendable philanthropy as well.  Her works of charity have represented her as an absolutely good human too.

Her passion for horses is something to watch out for; she has gone to the extent of establishing her own breeding of horses business, so that she can nurture more and more horses. She personally grooms and takes care of the horses and makes sure to make them participate in tournaments, where her horses as well as she have won several awards.

Handling horses is not a thing everyone can do. You require some natural and some acquired skill for the purpose. You have to have some amount of confidence within you; so that you can put the horse you are handling at ease and comfortable. Horses are very sensitive animals, generally they are extremely quiet and friendly but the moment they feel threatened they can be highly difficult to handle.

Kimberley Dey

One very important thing that all horse lovers must know is that the horses do most of their communication through their body, and so your response towards the horse is also communicated by your body language. It is hence that you need to exhibit utmost confidence and calm in your body language, so that the horse can trust you and agree to be nice to you. You ought not to forget that they can sense what you are feeling through your body language very easily.

Kimberley displays the best kind of relationship one can have with a horse, because a relation with a horse is much like something you may have with other important people of your life, a relation that is constantly growing. While you may love your horse deeply, your horse merely develops a strong bond with you. A well mannered, obedient and submissive horse can be a lifelong companion to you.

Kimberley is an ace sportswoman when it comes to horses, along with being an ideal business woman entrepreneur.  She managed to secure a place as a finalist for one of the most popular award “Women Who Mean Business”. The collection of several prestigious awards for her outstanding contribution to the corporate world is something that every girl must take inspiration from and imitate if possible.