Track the Hours Worked With Time Clock

Make your life easier with the most efficient and user friendly time tracking software available at the market. With Time Clock’s time tracking facility, you can calculate the hours worked by any of your employee within just a blink of an eye. No more paper woks and tracking it ourselves. It tracks time you are active or the time you spend working online automatically. It is very important to keep the employee in a particular task, know the productivity completely and for the company’s growth. It manages employee’s time from remote areas as well, with accurate notifications and break schedules.

It helps you to collect information about the task you have given to your employee throughout the day to evaluate their performance and check if they are helping increase the productivity. It is perfect for any kind of business, let it be small or large. Optimizing the time the best possible way is the secret behind any successful business and hence time is a crucial part that has to be given so much importance.

When it comes to calculation in business, there will taking account of how you want it to be like weekly, gross pay totals or gross overtime pay like that. Everything is made easy in this. You just need to ask your employee to fill the clock in and clock out and any breaks if they want. With just those information you will get customized repot of the total number of hours worked by your employee in a particular day, week or month. There will be three options

  1. Calculate: after entering the time worked by an employee, click the calculate option to get the report of exact hours tracker calculator for payroll management.
  2. Reset all: clicking the reset all option clears the listed worked hours data of a an employee till date and provides a fresh page to start with
  3. Print: click the print option after calculation and all is done to get the printed copy of the report.

Doing the employee hour entry manually would undoubtedly make people sick with the confusing and frustrating calculations. Why o choose such when you have a very handy tool which is absolutely free for you? With its advanced time tracking, scheduling and payroll reporting, time clock saves a huge number of money to many business organizations by completely eliminating over-payments to any employees. so hurry up!