Useful Home Remedies Tips for Diabetes

home remedy tips for diabetes

Diabetes is a direct outcome of the modern sedentary lifestyle. We eat Pizzas, burgers, rice and what not in the day. And in the evening, most of us are habitual of eating a heavy carbohydrate dinner.

On the other hand, our body digests carbohydrates to a certain level only and converts rest of them into fat. The increasing fat content in turn increases insulin resistance in the body which in turn increases blood sugar level in the body.

There are medicines and vaccines which keep diabetes under control but do not treat it completely. Once patient discontinues taking these medicines, the insulin level begins to rise again.

There is an alternative to English medicines in the form of extremely useful home remedies which treat diabetes effectively and do not cause any side effects on the body.

Following are Seven Best Home Remedies Tips for Diabetes:   

  1. Raw food

Eating raw food brings dramatic changes in body. It is considered as the best home remedy tips for diabetes and other health ailments. Raw food contains enzymes which otherwise get damaged during cooking. You can eat nuts, juices and fruit.

  1. Fiber

A fiber rich food is also helpful as it decreases sugar absorbing rate. Thus keeps blood sugar level in the body under control.  Fibre foods like Drumstick decreases LDL cholesterol levels in the body which otherwise troubles diabetic patients.

  1. Whole Sum Diet

Whole Sum diet is combined fruit vegetable diet which provide antioxidants to body and prevent plaque buildup in arteries.

home remedy tips for diabetes

  1. Exercise

Exercise keeps diseases at bay from your body. It brings you into shape and keeps your internal organs of the body in healthy condition.  We can say exercise is the world’s best medicine as well as home remedy.

  1. Meditation

Meditation is very useful for diabetic people. People who practice meditation live a longer life. That is the reason why saints and religious scholars remain fit till their death and most of them live for more than 100 years. Meditation decreases insulin resistance and balances glucose and insulin in the blood.

  1. Basil leaves and cactus juice

Basil leaves have a tremendous ability to decrease blood sugar level in body. Basil leaves are rich in potent antioxidants which relieves stress. Stress otherwise causes numerous problems for diabetic people

  1. Green tea

Green tea contains strong antioxidant agent polyphenol which controls sugar level in the body.  Hence it is considered as one of the strongest home remedy for the treatment of diabetes.

Sum and substance      

There are more diabetic people this time than any time in the history. In USA alone there are 29 million people living with diabetes and 86 million with prediabetes.

Diabetes if left untreated or poorly controlled, it leads to serious health ailments like kidney failure, Hypertension, and Limb amputation etc.  The person can even go in Comma.

So try the above Tips for Diabetes and keep diseases at bay. These Home Remedies Tips for Diabetes are also helpful in treating various other health disorders.