Vastu Shastra Tips to Enhance the Beauty of Your Home

Vastu Shastra Tips for home

Vaastu Shashtra is the most common thing in Indian scripture. Whenever we talk about a new home the first thing that clicks in our mind is that the home must be according to the “Vaastu Shastra” as Indian culture is very much traditional in comparison to the western culture. Vaastu is one of the most ancient sciences of architecture and is composed of specific rules, directions and regulations, set by sages in the Vedic times. Vaastu Shashtra considers a space to be a living soul and having prana. The word “Vastu” came from Vastu – represent anything existing e.g. house, building, villa, etc. The meaning of Shastra in Sanskrit is- System or Knowledge.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Home

Here are a Few Tips of Vaastu Shastra for Home Decoration:-

  1. There are lots of products available in the market and you can blend the products with ancient and modern architectures.
  1. To be blessed and for the greater good according to the Vaastu, the master bedroom should be situated in the south-west corner of the house, and prayer room should be in the northeast corner of the building.
  1. The kitchen should fall in the southeast corner of the building and the center of the house that is called Brahmasthan must be free from all the burden.
  1. The highly weighted objects should not be placed in the middle of the house.
  1. You have an option to choose the color of your home as per your birth date and are Vastu Shastra Tips for home. The auspicious colors for the various numbers are:
  • Number 1 – Yellow, grey, golden brown and orange.
  • Number 2 – White green and cream.
  • Number 3 – Purple and violet.
  • Number 4 – Orange, grey and yellow.
  • Number 5 – All light shades.
  • Number 6 – All blue shades.
  • Number 7 – Green and white.
  • Number 8 – All shades of black.
  • Number 9 – Rose, red and crimson.

Vastu Shastra Tips for home

Vastu Shastra is completely renowned in Indian Astrology and focuses on the different aspects of the building be it a temple, house, office, etc. It is being practiced in the form of science for the last many years. In Indian mythology, people believe in the cosmic rays which affect the dwelling space. At present, people are also taking this in a professional career and are earning well because the majority of the people consult the professionals when it comes to Vaastu shastra tips in hindi. It plays an important in the career or business of a person. In case the business is not running successfully or there are some issues in the personal life as well, taking help of Vastu Shastra professionals can greatly help you out.

And there is also much awareness than before. People used to get it done by themselves only. However, now the people also educate and give the knowledge to others on how to use it efficiently and how to follow the methods of Vaastu-Shastra.