Visitor & tourist visa for Australia

The name Australia straight away brings to mind the image of an extremely developed nation where there are a good education and ample opportunities for the development of the individual. The country is populated by healthy and advanced society comprising people from nearly all countries around the globe. You can count a lot of advantages of immigration to Australia that draws the applicants from the world over to dwell in Australia as residents. It is one among the preferred immigration spots and consists of people from almost two hundred countries. They make up the society with diverse cultural, social, and linguistic skills. It needs to have the visa to travel to the nation and take pleasure in its benefits.

Types of the visas

You will come across three types of Australia visitor and tourist visa. Among them, one is the electronic travel authority kind of visa, and the other is sponsored family tourist or visitor visa. Any citizen of New Zealand is not required to possess a visa to go to the nation. The kind of visa the applicant will be needed to get shall depend on his nationality, the motive for travel, and the time he would like to stay in the country. The candidate requires filing application for the visa that is full time due to the reason that it happens sometimes the applicant is not in the capacity to extend the period of his visa. You can hire the services of the service provider to obtain Australia visitor visa from India to look for a job during the stay in Australia.

The electronic travel visa has no stamp on the passport, but the record shall be preserved in the office of the Australian immigration officers. You can file an application for the electronic travel visa in case you put up in the country for a little less time of three months. In Australia, they have a list of thirty-four eligible nations that are able to submit the application for the visa. Other non-eligible nations have to go through the special requirements that do not come under the eligible list. The applicant can file for the electronic travel visa via the internet, in the office meant for Australia visa in your motherland or through a travel agent. You will have to pay no charges in case you apply for Australian visitor visa online.

A candidate can apply for the tourist visa for the duration of three to six months. Its period can be extended to twelve months depending on the capability of the applicant, and any person is in a capacity to apply for the Australian tourist visa. The candidate may apply for the tourist visa with the help of a travel agent, via the internet, or by engaging a service provider.

You can apply for the sponsored family visa for three to twelve months, and the applicant is required to be dwelling outside Australia. The sponsor present in Australia must be a member of Australian parliament or some other approved individual.