white magic love spells without candles

So, what is white magic? Well, there are people who cringe at the word of magic given the common myth that magic is mostly about throwing a bad influence. But no, not all spells of magic are same and there are some magic- precisely white magic- which actually mean good to people. The white magic spells are mostly about helping and healing and are cast with positive intentions magic spells.

One of the coolest white magic spells is truth spells. These spells are meant to bring out the truth from somebody. If you think somebody is lying on your face you can cast the truth spell on him to get the actual truth. For example, if you think your boyfriend is being unfaithful to you, you can cast the magic spell on him to make him reveal the truth. However, truth spells can also be used to play prank on others in a way to make the person lie about something involuntarily magic spells.

Then, you have cure spells which work to heal a health ailment. You can also use this spell to make a person happy- after all, to be healthy, a happy mind is the most important. One of the popular cure spells is a spell with candles which will bring joy to someone’s life. To do the spell, you would need three orange candles, rosemary & cedar oil. First you will anoint all candles with oil & then light them up. Sprinkle the herbs right around candle bases & focus strong on flames. You have to feel the energy from flames. Then, you will utter the spell. It’s like a prayer to bring joy in life, bypassing stress and anger. After you are done with the chant, let the candles burn.

Defense spells is another form of white magic spells. These spells are meant to protect you from bad spirits. You can cast spell on yourself or else you can cast it on someone else who needs some protection from negative energy. These spells might not backfire much but would fail miserably if you are not proper with the ingredients and casting rituals.

You also have baby spells here and these are cast on the unborn child growing in a mother’s womb. You must know that these are irreversible spells and once cast can’t be negated. So, you have to be really careful while casting the spell. Children born under great influence of spells generally come up with amazing control and tolerance towards magic. Many would-be-moms opt for such spells to protect their children from negative effects of black magic spells.

Peace spells are another type of white magic spell. No, these are not that powerful to bring world peace but these are really helpful to create a peaceful scenario around you. If you are into too much of conflict of late and you are not being able to come out of the chaos despite several efforts, the peace spells would be significant for you. One can cast it on himself or on others as well to bring peace in their lives.