Why Rugby is so good for you

Rugby is so good for you

While many people have concerns over the safety of rugby, are there any more risks than any other contact sport? Rugby is actually surprisingly good for you in many ways and here’s a few reasons why:

  • Any form of physical activity is beneficial, but rugby includes a wide range of activities making it hugely beneficial. Players must run considerable distances during a match, move at a variety of different speeds, and use a range of intensity levels that also offer special health benefits. There can be moments of aerobic activity, like jogging, followed by anaerobic activities such as a scrum. Government advice says we should include both types of activity in our routines weekly, so rugby offers the whole package. Get your Rugby Drills sorted by visiting
  • Rugby uses the whole body and exercises every muscle group. Running might use just the lower part of the body, but throwing and catching the ball exercises the upper body and core muscles as well. You get a complete body workout when you play rugby.

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  • The aerobic aspects of rugby, like jogging, are good for cardiovascular health. During a match and training, rugby players run, sprint, jog, throw and tackle – all activities that help the heart and lungs work better.
  • Rugby is a sport that has bouts of fast-paced, high energy periods, followed by calmer periods. There is no steady level of activity such as you’d find with long-distance running, for example. Rugby is a great example of what’s known as HIIT or high intensity interval training. Many sports scientists believe that HIIT reduces abdominal fat. For the purposes of weight management, a combination of rugby and a calorie-controlled diet could lead to significant reductions in body fat.
  • There are many conditions where inflammation is a symptom, including arthritis. Any exercise that can reduce and control inflammation can keep us healthier and more active for longer. Whilst many sports can aid in controlling inflammation, tests performed on people who played rugby for 40 minutes each day for a week, which confirmed significantly less inflammation. They concluded that rugby assists in the regulation of inflammatory cytokines.

It has long been recognised that stress can lead to health problems. Anything from insomnia to cancer has been linked to the long-term effects of stress. Studies have shown that playing team games, such as rugby is effective in reducing stress levels. Physical sport leads to mood improvements, acts as a great outlet for stress and releases the ‘feel good’ hormones we all love, endorphins.Sport has a beneficial impact on mental health as well as physical. We all experience a great ‘buzz’ after a good workout. This ‘buzz’ has also been shown to improve creative thinking. Rugby could help your brain do better at school or work!