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Why Should You Use Commercial Refrigeration in Your Kitchen?


It is crucial for a commercial kitchen to have appropriate refrigeration that will keep food cool and safe for consumption. Therefore investing in commercial refrigeration rather than a domestic fridge is important for the following reasons.

1.      Commercial Refrigerators Have Big Compressors

Every fridge has a compressor, allowing for gas to move around the sealed pipes found inside and outside the fridge. Excess heat is absorbed when gases cool within the fridge, before being moved outside to be released. A fridge in a busy kitchen is constantly being opened, meaning the temperature within the fridge rises, leading to an increased chance of bacteria growth. Consequently, the compressor has to work much harder. Commercial refrigerators are devised to work efficiently with temperatures reaching 43°C, quickly bringing them back down and ensuring food is safe for consumption. For more information on safe temperatures within your commercial kitchen, see here: https://www.food.gov.uk/business-industry/guidancenotes/hygguid/tempcontrolguidanceuk.

2.      Commercial Refrigerators Have Strong Hinges

A commercial fridge can be opened in excess of 50 times per hour. If you opened your domestic fridge that many times, the hinges would quickly break. Commercial refrigerators are designed with strong hinges usually made of stainless steel that can endure years of this treatment. Furthermore, the majority of them also have self-closing hinges, ensuring the refrigerator is shut and keeping the inside temperature cool.


3.      Commercial Refrigerators Can Be Deep-Cleaned

Environmental Health Officers insist on the highest standards from restaurants, food producers and caterers. Companies that provide commercial catering supplies, such as 247cateringsupplies.co.uk, understand that health and safety expectations within the industry are extremely high. Therefore they supply refrigeration made of stainless steel, both inside and outside, that is effortless to clean and more resistant to infection and bacteria. Moreover, they also have shelves made of strong materials and less likely to be damaged. These shelves are easy to remove in order to deep-clean and stop the growth of bacteria and germs.

4.      Commercial Refrigerators Means Higher-Quality Food and Less Waste

Since commercial refrigerators are incredibly efficient, they guarantee a higher quality of food. When food is heated, it basically starts to rot. Therefore it is important to cool food down quickly to stop bacteria from growing and reduce waste. This is exactly what commercial refrigerators are designed to do perfectly, so they are well worth the investment.